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Your Secret Friend

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 06/05/2017 Some years ago we were forced into a position where we had to "remove" certain troublesome individuals from our lives. As you may or may not have guessed, our "go-to" Entity was a Necromantic Agent - a Cthonic Being to be more precise. Making a long story short, this Intelligence removed the problem permanently for us in less than two months. Now, most of you have a "go-to" guy or gal for certain needs, such as electronics, cable or plumbing. However what some do not understand in their workings with their go-to friend, is that some sort of trust and relationship has to exist to get the best results at the shortest time possible, without having to be placed last on a very long waiting list. The Entity you choose to work with must be viewed in the exact same way. If you simply just call upon a Being for help out of the blue and expect this Force to help you-you cannot expect to receive the help you deserve. It takes a bit of time and dedication on your behalf to gain the trust and respect from said Being in order for It to move mountains on your behalf. This is very simplistic and easy to understand, so before you decide to hold a grudge against some Demon or Angel, consider the above mentioned very carefully. Here follows a couple of points that may assist you in "Building a relationship with Entities". Once you have discovered the Being you wish to work with, you need separate yourself and the Being from the rest of the world. REMEMBER this is a spiritual undertaking and not a physical application! 1) Create Its Seal/Sigil on paper etc on the corresponding Day/Night/Hour/Moon etc and empower this Seal etc with your own blood by tracing over the ink with it. Sounds Strange? Well reader, spilled blood is the strongest bond or covenant that the living can offer and your subconscious will recognize this primal gesture and loosen the psychic locks that may inhibit communication between you and the Entity. 2) Carry this Seal etc with you from that moment forth, and often Evoke it by repeating Its name. Create a Mantra using Its name. See below: SHU-GAH-RAH-VE-NI. ( Come Shugarah!) As Example. 3) Create an Altar Shrine dedicated to this Being. Use a room/area that is dedicated specifically for the operation.REMEMBER there is no right or wrong way to create an altar-follow guidelines if you must. 4) Offerings to the Being is only given once results are achieved. As example: When you receive clear and lucid communications etc. The last thing you want to do is reward where its not due. From these points above you have a solid structure in building a relationship with your secret friend. We wish you the best of luck, REMEMBER the greater the effort in your workings the greater the results! Namaste (Note: We do offer electronic booklets for sale describing further methods and details concerning the above subject - if interested, contact us. Otherwise, for more general assistance, see "The Arcanity" here on our blog, which is a free electronic book.)


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