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The Celestial/Angelic forces are the most fierce and tenacious Intelligences known in existence - yet also the most misunderstood. Unlike the "cherubs" from contemporary legend, the heavenly Host is equal to none. They work extremely swift and precise with their judgement and mercy without leaving a stone unturned. The vast number of the Ben-Elohim (sons of god) falls under the Shemhamphoresh (the 72 Names of god). These Intelligences are capable of healing, protecting, uniting you with loved ones and even to chastise or destroy the unrighteous. The one thing they all have in common however, is that you must want to be helped. This evocation does not extend to the Fallen Angels/Watchers as their rites of evocation is completely different - refer to Infernal Evocation.

With this service, we will call forth any Celestial/Angelic Being you so choose. If you are unsure which of them are suited to your case, we will assist you. Please note that this counts as an evocation. This includes all ritual tools and implements, all offerings and sacrifices and the ritual itself.

For this, we will require your full name, birth date and photo as well as what you want the purpose of the evocation to be.

Celestial/Angelic Evocation