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By purchasing this, we will create a personalized Patipemba/Firma (from the tradition of Palo Mayombe) for whatever purpose you choose, send it to you and instruct you on it's use...or at least, where to place it in your home for it to take effect.


For those of you who do not know what a Firma is, it is like a sigil or veve. We have personally used this to great effect and have decided to give you a taste of the power that Palo Mayombe holds.


For this, we will require your full name. Also make note that this is valid for one individual or household, depending on the purpose. We might also ask you a few questions to best customize your Firma to your situation.


Firma/Patipembas can be used for any purpose - love, lust, law cases, spiritual empowerment, protection and much more - however, one key fact to keep in mind is that Firma/Patipembas are created per purpose, however, if the purposes "overlap" with each other or are similar, they can be combined into one Firma/ an example, if you desire protection for your household, then one will suffice, likewise, if you want love and lust, then one would suffice, however, if you want prosperity and love, then two Firma/Patipemba would be required. If you are unsure about how many would be required, please reach out to us and we will advise.

Custom Patipemba/Firma