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By purchasing this, we will create and assign a simple Servitor/Egregore/Mental Construct to you that will surround your body with a protective barrier that can be likened to a force field that will inhibit bacterial or viral infections. PLEASE NOTE that this is not a 100% guarantee that you will not contract any bacterial/viral disease, this is just a preventative method. It will be in your favor to practice good hygiene and common sense.


The Mental Construct is programmed with energy to achieve a goal consistently until it needs to be recharged by the individual - we will create and assign the Construct to you, however we will inform you on how to recharge it. Do not worry, it's very simple.


For this, we will require your full name, birthdate and photo. Also make note that this is valid for one individual - in other words, one construct per person. If you wish to assign this to more people, you would need to purchase the amount that will cover the number of individuals.

Health-Preserving Barrier Thoughtform