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Purchasing this service will enable us to identify your Shemhamphorash Celestial (Angel), which some people may refer to as a “Guardian Angel”. Celestials are fierce and powerful - quite unlike how they are commonly thought of in contemporary times. The Shemhamphoresh is also known as the 72-letter name of God. In the case that you may now know this, “God” is not some external thing, but rather you. The Celestial that is linked unto you is an emanation of you - God realized within you.


Your Celestial emanation will be complimentary unto your personal nature and will never conflict with your nature in the least. It can be worked with to develop yourself spiritually, to advise and guide you on your path and more.


We will provide you with the name of your Celestial emanation, its sigil, how it appeared to us, what it specializes in and how it can assist you. We will also provide you with a generic ritual of Evocation which you may make use of to call it forth.

For this, we will require your full name, birth date and photo which you can send us via email.

Identifying Your Shemhamphorash Angel/Celestial Service