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- Translation from the 1823 French Edition and Commentary by Baron and Baronessa Araignee


Le Dragon Rouge (The Red Dragon), better known as The Grand Grimoire is a 15th to 17th century grimoire, attributed to have been authored by someone named Antonio Venitiana del Rabina who supposedly gathered this information from original writings of King Solomon. This grimoire deals with the making of pacts, and outlines in particular a pact made with Lucifuge Rofocale. It also includes a section on spellwork.


This book is mentioned by some to be related to the Petit Albert (the Lesser Albert), as well as the Grand Albert (Greater Albert) – likely due to the nature of the work itself, although by simply reading through the text, one will notice that the only relation it may have is in the composure of the spellwork, however the spellwork within is on par with those of the era itself…so no direct relations are apparent.


Because of its status as one of the early grimiores, we have decided to translate it from the original French once again, although English translations already exist. Paired with this, we will add certain observations, explanations and annotations with each presented spell herein, to shed more light on the content and the significance thereof.


We have not included all the modern-day names for certain herbs, plants, minerals and so forth, nor have we included in-depth historical commentary on the work itself – as this translation is not intended to be a historical reference document, but a grimoire of practical study of the Occult Arts of the time.


Nonetheless, this manuscript is not the first which we have translated from the original and it will certainly not be the last, as we are planning on translating and revising many more grimiores of the times past – as most modern-day Occult literature seem to have forgotten its roots in the long-forgotten annals of history.


We are certain that this grimoire will indeed brighten the eyes of the seeker a bit – even though the vagueness and pomp can be a bit overwhelming, as is usual for grimiores of antiquity.

Le Dragon Rouge: The Grand Grimoire

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  • Introduction

    Chapter I

    Chapter II

    Chapter III

    Chapter IV

    First Prayer

    Second Prayer


    First Conjuration Addressed to the Emperor Lucifer

    Second Conjuration


    Third Conjuration

    The Great Name from the True Clavicle

    Of the Appearance of the Spirit

    Reply to the Spirit

    Response of the Spirit

    Reply to the Spirit

    Response of the Spirit


    Response and Compliance of the Spirit

    Response to the Spirit

    Centum Regnum

    The Call of Lucifer

    Promises of the Spirit

    Capo Primo

    Capo Secundo

    Capo Tertio

    Capo Quarto

    Capo Quinto

    Capo Sesto

    Capo Settimo

    Way of Dismissal

    Order of the Spirit

    Conjuration and Dismissal of the Spirit  


    The Sanctum Regnum

    Their Signs and Characters

    Take Heed


    Great Appellation of the Spirits with whom one wishes to make a Pact, taken from the Great Clavicle

    Appearance of the Spirit

    Reply to the Spirit

    Response of the Spirit

    Here is the Pact

    The Second Appearance of the Spirit       

    Response to the Spirit

    Response of the Spirit

    Conjuration and Dismissal of the Spirit with whom one has made a Pact

    Prayer to the Almighty in the form of Thanksgiving

    Citat Prae Dictorum Spirituum

    Prayer for Protection against Evil Spirits

    Philosopher's Stone

    Table of Auspicious and Inauspicious Days   

    Secrets of the Magic Art of the Grand Grimoire

    The Composition of Death, or the To Make the Divining Rod and make it Rotate

    To Win every time you play the Lottery

    To Charm Firearms

    To Speak to the Spirits on the eve of St. John the Baptist

    To Make Yourself Loved by any Girl or Woman you like

    To Make People Dance Naked

    To Make Yourself Invisible

    To Make the Garter of Seven Leagues an Hour

    Composition of the Plaster for making Ten Leagues per hour

    Composition of the Ink for writing Pacts    

    Ink for Noting the Sums to be Taken from the Hidden Treasures, and for requesting Greater Sums from Lucifuge, in new needs

    In Closing

    Appendix I: Godnames and the Use of Prayers    

    Appendix II: Circles of the Art

    Appendix III: Content of Rituals and Summonings  

    Appendix IV: Sanctum Regnum Sigils

    Appendix V: Planetary Hours


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