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- Translation from the 1895 French Edition and Commentary by Baron and Baronessa Araignee


Because of its status as one of the early grimiores, we have decided to translate it from the original French once again, although English translations already exist. Paired with this, we will add certain observations, explanations and annotations with each presented spell herein, to shed more light on the content and the significance thereof.


We have not included all the modern-day names for certain herbs, plants, minerals and so forth, nor have we included in-depth historical commentary on the work itself – as this translation is not intended to be a historical reference document, but a grimoire of practical study of the Occult Arts of the time.


Nonetheless, this manuscript is not the first which we have translated from the original and it will certainly not be the last, as we are planning on translating and revising many more grimiores of the times past – as most modern-day Occult literature seem to have forgotten its roots in the long-forgotten annals of history.


We are certain that this grimoire will indeed brighten the eyes of the seeker a bit – even though the vagueness and pomp can be a bit overwhelming, as is usual for grimiores of antiquity.


Unlike the Petit Albert, the content of the Grand Albert may not be so well-known by most practitioners of this day and age…far more people claim knowledge of the content of the former than the latter, and the former also exceeds the latter in popularity and notoriety.


The Grand Albert is similar, yet dissimilar from its brother, the Petit Albert – whereas the Petit Albert focusses on spellwork, Planetary Talismans and the like, the Grand Albert focuses on Planetary Associations and their use in healing and so forth.

Le Grand Albert: The Marvellous Secrets of the Greater Albert - Digital

  • Introduction

    Book One: Astrology

    • Influence of the Planets on the Formation and Life of Man
    • Signs of the Zodiac
    • Physical and Moral Influences of the Stars
    • Vegetative and Sensitive Powers of the Embryo
    • Daily Planetary Influences
    • Hours of the Day & Night
    • Exactly When each Planet Rules
    • Auspicious and Inauspicious Days of the Moon

    Book Two: Magical Virtues of Plants, Minerals and Animals

    • Dangers of the Science
    • Virtues of Certain Plants
    • Planetary Plants
    • Virtues of Certain Minerals
    • Virtues of Certain Animals
    • Surprising Effects

    Book Three: Wonderful Curiosities

    • Natural Mysteries
    • Salutary Properties of Droppings
    • Various Hygienic Properties

    Book Four: Treatise on Physiognomy

    • The Art of Knowing the Nature and Inclinations of People

    Appendix: Recipes Against Plague and Poisons

    • Recipes Against Plague and Poisons      
    • Internal Remedies
    • External Remedies

    In Closing

    Appendix I: Units of Measurement

    Appendix II: The Mansions of the Moon      

    Appendix III: Alternative Names for the Herbs in Book Two


    About the Translators