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- Translation from the 1776 French Edition and Commentary by Baron and Baronessa Araignee


Because of its status as one of the early grimiores, we have decided to translate it from the original French once again, although English translations already exist. Paired with this, we will add certain observations, explanations and annotations with each presented spell herein, to shed more light on the content and the significance thereof.


We have not included all the modern-day names for certain herbs, plants, minerals and so forth, nor have we included in-depth historical commentary on the work itself – as this translation is not intended to be a historical reference document, but a grimoire of practical study of the Occult Arts of the time.


Nonetheless, this manuscript is the first which we have translated from the original and it will certainly not be the last, as we are planning on translating and revising many more grimiores of the times past – as most modern-day Occult literature seem to have forgotten its roots in the long-forgotten annals of history.


We are certain that this grimoire will indeed brighten the eyes of the seeker a bit – even though the vagueness and pomp can be a bit overwhelming, as is usual for grimiores of antiquity.


The Petit Albert is an excellent example of grimiores of the time, being mostly focused on love, livestock, farming and so on – modern practitioners do not fully recognize the value of the contents, as when observing the contents of any old grimoire and what it focuses upon, you gain some insight into the lives of those from times past; what they considered important and what they thus deemed worthy of including in a grimoire and how to remedy the said concerns through magickal means.


It may be referred to as a Cabbalistical text in the manuscript itself as well as by other individuals, however we tend to disagree – as the Astrological symbolism in the majority of the spellwork is quite obvious and apparent…so we personally regard it as an Astrological and Natural Magick spellbook. Due to the nature of the work, it can also be referred to as a book of Sympathetic Magick.


As you are likely to notice, many of the spells herein are quite dubious in its composure and application, so needless to say, we do not recommend using any of the recipes herein – rather using this tome to study the practices of the time. Since we are well-aware that many people are likely to ignore this warning of ours…you do so at your own discretion and risk. We will assuredly not be held responsible or liable for any harm befalling you or yours in the course of your actions.

Le Petit Albert: The Marvellous Secrets of the Lesser Albert - Digital

  • Introduction

    Warning That Must Be Read

    The Treasure of the Wonderful Secrets

    Of the Reciprocal Love of Man & Woman

    For Love

    Other for Love

    Another for Love

    Another for Love

    Other for Love

    Other for Love

    Another for Love

    Another for Love

    Other for Love

    Yet Another for Love

    Against the Charm of the Knotted Needle 

    To Tie the Needle

    To Moderate the Too Great Desire of the Action of Venus in the Woman

    Against the Spurs of the Flesh, & to live Chastely

    To know if a Girl is Chaste, or if she has been Corrupted, & has Begotten

    Other for the Same Subject

    To Repair Lost Virginity

    To Prevent a Woman from Fooling Around with Someone

    To Restore the Wrinkled Skin of the Belly of Young Women, After Several Deliveries    

    To Make the Girls or Widows See, during the Night, the Husband that they must Marry      

    For Boys & Widowed Men who will want to See in a Dream the Woman they will Marry

    To Guarantee Yourself of Cuckoldry

    To Make a Girl Dance Naked

    To Be Fortunate in Games of Skill and Chance    

    To Get Rich by Catching Fish

    Other on the Same Subject

    Another on the Same Subject

    Other on the Same Subject

    Another on the Same Subject

    Yet Another on the Same Subject

    To Prevent Birds from Spoiling Sowing, by Eating the Grain

    To Catch a Large Number of Birds

    Other on the Same Subject

    Another on the Same Subject

    Yet Another on the Same Subject

    To Keep & Multiply Pigeons

    Other on the Same Subject

    Another on the Same Subject

    Yet Another on the Same Subject

    Against the Inconvenience that one can Receive from Dogs

    Other on the Same Subject

    Against the Inconvenience that one can Receive from Wolves

    Against the Drunkenness of Wine

    To Restore Spoiled Wine

    Other on the Same Subject

    Another on the Same Subject

    To Make Excellent Vinegar Quickly

    To Make Liquor Wines

    To make Excellent Hypocras in a Short Time  

    To make true Armenian Claret Water, which has such Wonderful Properties against Heart, Head and Stomach Ailments

    To have Soft, Sweet and Good Smelling Melons

    To have Beautiful Ripe Grapes in Spring

    To Make Wheat Grow and Multiply

    To Prevent Sowing and Harvesting from being Spoiled by Animals

    To Know if the Seeds will be Abundant Next Year 

    Other for the Same Subject

    Against Diseases and Other Accidents that Affect the Life of Man

    Of the Antiquity of Talismans, Their Origin and Uses Thereof

    The Talismans of Paracelsus

    Talisman with the Seal of the Sun

    Talisman with the Seal of the Moon

    Talisman with the Seal of Mars

    Talisman with the Seal of Mercury

    Talisman with the Seal of Jupiter

    Talisman with the Seal of Venus

    Talisman with the Seal of Saturn

    How to Make Mercury to form Plates to make Talismans

    To Construct other Talismans with the Characters that the Ancient Cabalists have Appropriated to the Seven Planets

    Of the Peoples who Inhabit the Four Elements, under the names of Salamanders, Gnomes, Sylphs & Nymphs

    Deception of Artificial Mandrake

    Another Deception by the Head of Saint John 

    Natural Subtleties which have Something that Gives Admiration

    Other on the Same Subject

    Another on the Same Subject

    Yet Another on the Same Subject

    Of the Hand of Glory which the Scoundrel Thieves Use, to Enter the Houses During the Night Without Prevention

    Other to Make a Man or Woman Insensible to Torture, so that Nothing can be Drawn from their Confession

    Ointment by Means of which One can Expose Oneself in Fire Without being Burned   

    For the Fiery Water which is Used for an Infinite Number of Great Operations

    To Make the Terrible Greek Fire

    To have Peace

    Other on the Same Subject

    Secret of the Garter for Travelers

    Secret of the Good Traveller’s Staff

    Secret of Making A Horse Go Further in One Hour than Another Horse can Go in Eight Hours

    To Make a Furious Horse Gentle

    To Make a Horse Fall as if it were Dead

    To Make Oneself Invisible by means of a Ring

    So as Not to be Deceived and Fascinated by the Ring of Invisibility

    To Make Other Mysterious Rings under the Auspices of the Seven Planets, which Attract their Influences to Those who Wear Them 

    Of the Hours of the Day & Night

    What has been the Feeling of the Wise Philosophers about Talismans and Mysterious Figures

    Model of a Talisman of Mercury

    How to make True Celestial Water

    The almost Miraculous Properties of Celestial Water

    Properties of Balsam Oil, which is Extracted from Celestial Water

    A Balm that is Excellent for Preventing the Plague

    To make Rotten Teeth Fall Out without Pain

    To cure Gunshot Wounds or Other Injuries, both Old and New, without Ointment

    Other on the Same Subject

    Another Wonderful Way to Heal a Sprained Foot


    Explanation of Talismans

    Sympathy Powder

    To make Gold Artificially

    Another on the Same Subject

    Another on the Same Subject, tested in England

    Another on the Same Subject

    For the Gold of Life, or Gold Precipitate        

    To Dissolve Gold with Ease

    Another on the Same Subject, more Surprising

    To Change Lead into fine Gold

    To Give Tin the Sound and Hardness of Silver

    To Make Borax Suitable for Melting Gold

    To Counterfeit the Real Pearls of the Orient

    To Counterfeit Musk that will be Judged as Exquisite as the Natural Oriental

    To Falsify Ambergris

    Composition of Excellent Tablets

    To Soften Ivory

    To Break New Ropes with Grass

    To Break an Iron Bar Easily

    Mysterious Ring to Cure Decay

    Wonderful Talismans against Poisons and Poisonous Beasts

    Explanation of the Other Four Talismans, of which Engraved models are Given Here

    To Make the True Water of the Queen of Hungary

    Several Ways of Making Excellent Water to Remove Pimples from the Face

    Exquisite Powder to Beautify the Face

    Composition of a Soap for the Face and Hands    

    To Make Good Angel Water

    Light which relates to the Hand of Glory, and which puts to Sleep

    Wonderful Secret for Communicating with a Friend

    To Make a Rifle Carry Twice its Normal Weight

    A Way of making a Syrup to Preserve Life

    For Planting all kinds of Tree Branches and making them take Root

    To Increase Soap

    To Increase Saffron

    To Increase, by Half, Crushed Pepper

    To Increase White Wax

    To Increase Musk

    For Hair Dyeing

    Gold Varnish, Admirably Beautiful

    Against Gravel, to Cure It

    To Clean Teeth and Gums

    Against Stinking Breath

    For Fever

    Wonderful Secrets which must be Taken & Composed under the Influences of the Stars

    To Know Whether a Patient will Live or Die

    To Preserve Oneself from Gout

    For Fistulas

    To Remove the Stains of Smallpox

    For Kidney Stones

    To the Pains of Colic

    For Difficulty in Urinating

    For Hydropsia

    For Stomach Pains

    In Closing

    Appendix I

    Appendix II


    About the Translators