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Liber Clavium is a Grimoire dedicated to the Art and Practice of Mental Projection – better known as Astral Projection. Within this Grimoire, we eliminate a host of misconceptions regarding the subject matter in our renowned no-nonsense manner and instruct you in depth on how to successfully perform Mental Projection.


We also speak of the different Etheric realms that you will be able to access, how to conduct yourself while Projecting, interactions with Spirits and Entities, how to perform a variety of Magickal Operations such as Spellwork, Divination, Evocation and much more.


A practical book such as this is much needed in the contemporary Occult world, as this topic is likely one of the most vague and misleading that you can possibly encounter. Make no mistake – this is a Grimoire of practical application by its very nature. Although we discuss the theoretical knowledge you will require before attempting Mental Projection, we focus heavily upon the practical application thereof…as what good is knowledge if you cannot apply it?


This tome is written not just from our personal experience and knowledge, but also draws upon the knowledge of ancient cultures regarding this practice. In the writing of this Grimoire, we have also consulted extensively with a wide variety of Intelligences to ensure the utmost accuracy and detail regarding the matter at hand.


We would like to call this book an exhaustive work on Mental Projection, however this book rather serves as a key – we provide you with the foundation of the practice (along with a little extra), allowing you to discover the full magnitude of this arcane practice yourself.


Liber Clavium is suited to Practitioners of any level of experience – be you novice or adept, and regardless of which paradigm or path you personally practice. A word of caution: make no mistake – Mental Projection is not for the faint of heart or mind.


As with all of our books, we outline everything in a clear, easy to understand and apply manner without the pomp and circumstance which plagues the world of the Occult Arts.


You will not require any specific tools or the like to make use of this book or its contents – all you will require is yourself.


Although not necessary, we also recommend our Apprenticeship Course on Mental Projection as a companion to this book.

Liber Clavium - The Art and Practice of Mental Projection

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  • Foreword

    Chapter One:

    • The Definition of Mental Projection

    Chapter Two:

    • Expectations as Opposed to Reality
    • “I Cannot Be Harmed”
    • “Whatever I Do Will Manifest Instantly”
    • “I Can Die While Projecting”
    • “I Can Lose My Way While Projecting”
    • “People Can See Me When I Project”
    • “I Can Do Whatever I Want
    • “I Can Only Do Good Things While Projecting”

    Chapter Three:

    • The Act of Mental Projection
    • Requirements and Preparations
    • Entering a Deep Meditative State
    • Achieving Mental Projection
    • Notes and Observations
    • If You Do Not Succeed

    Chapter Four:

    • The Self Projected
    • Movement
    • Beholding
    • Interaction
    • Communication
    • Appearance
    • Energy, Sensing and Interpretation

    Chapter Five:

    • The Realms of the Spiritual

    Chapter Six:

    • Spiritual Encounters

    Chapter Seven:

    • Mental Projection and Magickal Operations    
    • Spiritual Navigation
    • Your Astral Temple
    • Performing an Evocation
    • Performing Spellwork
    • Influencing a Person
    • Oracular Operations
    • Sending Out a Call
    • Protection, Defence and Offense
    • The Ivory Throne
    • The Seven Stairs

    Chapter Eight:

    • Will, Perception and Spiritual Power

    In Closing

    About The Authors