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Our first written work available to the public, Liber Infernos Invernar was directly inspired and guided by Lord Belial and is by far one of the darkest grimoires in existence. This book was written during Demonic channeling, and includes a fully workable system of magick including divination that was never before seen. This grimoire is a must have for serious practitioners of the Left-Handed Path.


As presented, all of the sorcery within this book will not be found written in any grimoire. The Oracles of Asbeel is not a conventional method of divination as it is completely different from most. As also mentioned before, this grimoire is suggested to more advanced practitioners - however, novices are welcome to peruse the book with caution. This book contains a lot of spells and arcane formulae that is not for the faint of heart.


Some Reviews:

"Liber Infernos Invernar has actually shocked me! Im used to more darker magic but this book is way out there. Its on top of my list of black magic literature and the best Ive seen so far!"


​- - -


"This book is something really different among the many, many books on the occult that appear on the market each year. Liber Infernos Invernar is among the ones that I consider to be works of love, and passion for practice.


Baron and Baronessa Araignee have presented a personal vision that, in the way I experience the book, strikes deep chords in the reader who's spiritually mature enough to read between the lines and appreciate the codes hidden in the book's content.


LII may not be for everybody, as it's challenging and calls for personal development and actual hard work. It's not an easy “how to” field guide or manual but an at all times confronting work that demands overcoming personal boundaries first more than anything else.


The book may very well trigger seemingly unwelcome memories and send you down to root in your very own underworld of unprocessed life experiences, but it'll be all worth it in the end. When I first started reading, the book started to obsess me, which I dreaded and liked at the same time.


Don't try it – yet – if you're currently too dependent on your present belief system or if you can't afford to pay a lot of time and attention to changing some deeply ingrained negativity within yourself. But if you're ready for true investment in a wholesome approach of the occult and life itself, I say give it a try, and Liber Infernos Invernar may be among the best therapy you ever had."

Liber Infernos Invernar

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  • Foreword

    The Great Curse

    Chapter One:

    • Hell Beckons

    Chapter Two:

    • The Infernal Tools
    • The Ointment of Asbeel
    • The Candles of the Operations
    • The Ink of Covenant
    • The Incense of Stronghold
    • The Sard-Zalag Blade
    • The Sard Hand

    Chapter Three:

    • Abysmal Alchemy
    • Words for Opening the Gates

    Chapter Four:

    • The Black Gods
    • The Tablet of Nekalah-Monad or Azag-Dingir
    • The Preliminary Evocation of the Dark Gods
    • Azhi-Dahaka
    • Agrat Bat Makhlath
    • Dumah
    • Moloch
    • Sorath
    • Ereshkigal
    • Shugara
    • Gaunab
    • The Ajogun-Watchers

    Chapter Five:

    • The Oracle of Asbeel

    Chapter Six:

    • The Crimson Scroll
    • The Blue Tongue
    • The Venom of Darkness
    • Pen of Dissolution
    • Spiritual Warfare
    • The Soul Reaver
    • Blueprint of the Soul
    • The Meaning of the Tetrahedron
    • The Ancient Toad Goddess
    • To Bind a Place or Person
    • The Infernal Water
    • The Love Devourer
    • The Magnificent God Pazuzu
    • The Celestial Snare
    • The Grand Ceremony
    • The Planets of Black Magick
    • The God Shadow
    • Seals and Sigils
    • The Angelic Whore
    • Arcane Scripts

    Chapter Seven:

    • Sibilant Lexicon

    In Closing

    About the Authors