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This modest tome, a perfect companion work to The Gospel of The Ghouls or a good stand-alone book, delves deeper into the practice of Necromancy and provides the seeker with different methods of Necromantic conjuration, words of stronghold, Necromantic spellwork, as well as descriptions of different spirit-classes and manifestations that has never before been discussed in a manner such as this.

Necromancy: The Black Door - Digital

  • Introduction  

    Chapter One:

    • The Black Door  

    Chapter Two:

    • Fabricating the Black Door
    • Option 1 
    • Option 2 
    • Option 3 

    Chapter Three:

    • Conjuring   
    • The Conjuration   
    • When the Spirit Arrives 
    • To Ensure Obedience of the Conjured Spirit
    • Dismissal or Discharge of the Conjured Spirit
    • Banishment of the Disobedient Spirit
    • Forced Manifestation of the Conjured Spirit
    • Forced Dismissal of the Prior
    • The Unbinding of any Spirit which is Bound  or Trapped   

    Chapter Four:

    • About the Spirits 
    • Appearances  
    • Rot and Decay
    • Di Inferi 
    • The Grim Hound of Keraktes    

    In Closing    

    About the Authors