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For advice on a spiritual matter, guidance, general advice on a situation, Occult structure or anything else Magick, spiritual or Occult related. Please note that any discussions MUST ONLY pertain to Occult matters. We are not psychologists or therapists.

The Skype consultation is valid for 1 hour.

When consulting with us, please keep your questions to the point. When payment is made, contact us with your Skype details so we can arrange an appropriate time for the consultation that will fit in with your schedule and ours. Consultations are limited to one hour only. If you are not present at the agreed upon time, we will start counting down the time as used, and this time will count as part of your Skype session. Please note that if you cannot uphold the appointment made, you must notify us at least 2 hours in advance to reschedule. If you fail to do this, we will consider the session fulfilled and no refunds will be made. If you do not use up your full hour, it will not be carried over to another session. The consultation will not cover unlimited divinations - only one divination on one question concerning one subject matter. If you want more divinations to be performed, pay for them beforehand, then we will gladly accommodate you.

Skype Consultation