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Knotted cord - midnight's lair

Bind the bound upon despair

Familliar-Fetch and books Arcane

A drop of blood, a gnarled vein


Ekko - Ekko sounds the call

Draw the quarters - Moonlight falls

Shades and Daemons gather near

The Lord and Lady dispels all fear


Skyclad whispers, vex the vox

The Old Gods stirs and sends forth pox

Gather ye dear to candle and kin

For the legacy of Azarak is to begin


The Book of Azarak

In this modern day and age there are few grimoires on the subject of Witchcraft that stirs the senses into bliss and awe. Few authors actually write a book which is a true reflection of Witchcraft in extent and degree. We have created a grimoire of Witchcraft unlike ANY other - infusing every word, line and illustration with the sacred essence of the Witch.


As with all our books, we delve into the heart of the matter disemboweling it's contents so that nothing is hidden. For you dear reader this book will unlock the hidden secrets of Witchcraft. You will master unique methods of divination, learn to evoke the Lord and Lady in a manner that will even shame the so called masters of the Craft. You will have an arsenal of Familliar Spirits, with Seals and illustrations to command at a whim. In the book you will find a vast selection of spells that is easy to cast and apply, and much, much more. This book is suitable for practitioners of any level of skill.



"This is a review of the Book of Azarak, written by Baron and Baronessa Araignee. Here are my thoughts on it.


The Book of Azarak takes nothing at face value and delves into the matter of what Witchcraft really is.


This book covers a lot of ground, from historical information about Witchcraft, a myriad of Entities from the whole spectrum and a plethora of simple and effective spells, as well as different ways to incorporate jars, dolls, candles, knots and herbs into your Craft. It also contains very interesting information on matters concerning divination, dream interpretation, growing Plant Familiars as well as working with Nature and the Elements.


It’s a great all around Witchcraft book that can fit into any paradigm and is easy to work with. It’s very well structured and really easy to follow through, with detailed instructions and explanations and has great hand drawn illustrations made by Baron himself. A great book packed with a wealth of information that anyone, whatever path they follow, adept or not could find useful ."


- By Hellion

The Book of Azarak

PriceFrom $80.00
  • Introduction

    Chapter One: The White Scroll

    Chapter Two: The Little Works

    Chapter Three: The Black Scroll

    Chapter Four: The Shaded Works

    Chapter Five: The Dimensions of the Gods

    Chapter Six: The Familiar Intelligences

    Chapter Seven: The Doll and the Master

    Chapter Eight: On Candles

    Chapter Nine: The Witch Knot

    Chapter Ten: Dreams and Interpretation

    Chapter Eleven: Divining

    Chapter Twelve: The Herb Compendium

    Chapter Thirteen: Necromancy

    Chapter Fourteen: Secrets of the Old World

    Chapter Fifteen: Sigils, Glyphs, and Bind-Runes

    Chapter Sixteen: On Closing

    Words Of The Witch

    About The Authors