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A Burning

So, a bit of a story. No, this isn't us bragging or trying to "flex" our spiritual capabilities...rather, this is a story about what happens to human refuse.

We are in close contact with a specific animal rescue organization here where we live. They have advised us many times when we encountered situations with the ferals we feed and assisted us when we would find some animals in need of help...providing better help than what we could provide them. So, these people recently opened a charity shop to help fund their rescue. Every day they would bring some of their rescues to the store - cats, dogs etc - to help raise awareness. We went there to say hello and support them a bit...only to be greeted by terrible news - that one of their resident cats and her kittens were poisoned and has passed away. The poisoning was done on premises at their charity store, and they suspected one of the cleaners. Why? Because this cat was a black cat. And, due to the utter idiocy and superstition of some humans, this does not surprise us at all.

Now, this triggered us immediately. Because animals, because cats, because fucking human senseless destruction. You see, these people never knew what we did for a living, or even that we are Occultists. We don’t hide it, as we do not fear judgement nor “persecution” – however, we also do not walk around like fucking signboards advertising who and what we are as if we are looking for attention.

They suspected they knew who it was, however, they needed proof to be able to do anything about it in the mundane sense (ah, the mundane world, so much bureaucracy!)

Because we were so furious, and because here before us there was a person so distraught and trying to deal with the grief and rage…we decided to come out with it.

We told her, the woman in charge of the rescue, that she doesn’t need to worry about finding proof of anything, and that those guilty will be found and fucking punished. Because this sounds awfully criminal, we suppose, we had to clarify.

We told her who we are and what we do…and that we will avenge those cats. Without even a pause of hesitancy or shock, she simply asked us if we needed to know the name of the individual she suspects. She suspected all along who we are and what we do for a living….we suppose that we aren’t the “average” people that one encounters, so we probably stick out a bit.

Nonetheless, we told her that there is no need for that – that all she needs to do is to keep her eyes open. It was obviously someone there in that little shopping centre (very small, like 6 stores max), and someone with access to her store, did this. We told her that that evening the person will be dealt with, and that, when she goes back to the store, that if any person (or even persons) all of a sudden has something…”terrible”…happen to them, then she will know the guilty through that.

In the meantime, she had many questions – not about magick, but rather about animals in magick…do they sometimes hang around after they have passed away and so on…and of course we answered her. We also gave her a copy of our book, Little Gods, to fill the gap a bit, so to speak.

That night, we dealt with the…typical human…that poisoned those poor cats. In the meantime, another animal has passed from poisoning – this time a pup that was also at the store that day.

Although she was pretty sure she knew who the culprit was…we had our reservations. We didn’t think that it was that person…but we won’t bother you with the details of our intuitive detective work.

Today (which is literally two days later), she contacted us. A worker in the kitchen at a restaurant there, a restaurant where they get food from for lunch (and, most of this food going to the animals they have there the day) suddenly had a massive and continuous seizure, convulsing violently. An ambulance was called, and even then, the person was in seizure. The person is currently in hospital – they don’t know what’s causing it or what’s going on…and the prospects isn’t looking all that good.

The moral of the story? Well, it speaks for itself.


All of our writings, including our blog posts, are copyrighted to us (Rheiner and Vanessa Le Roux under the pseudonyms of Baron and Baronessa Araignee) and our business Araignee Arcane Services. Our writings are original and not copied content.

If you like any of our posts and would like to share them, feel free to do so by selecting one of the sharing options below. If you would like one of our blog posts to be on your website or blog (and for us to be guest bloggers) simply reach out to us via email.

Plagiarism is an extremely damaging and annoying thing – and by plagiarizing our work (or another’s) you are not just stealing – you are damaging your own name, as things like this always come to light. Don’t be a typical human.



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Unknown member
Apr 22

What a fucking shame for those fur companions!

I am happy and delighted that these animals were avenged and justice was done. In 94' I became a misanthrope but my first love, my current and eternal love will be animals! I suffer, I get angry and go into berserker mode when animals are harmed by unconsciousness, arrogance and ignorance or the superstitions of idiots. It is a song for my ears and soul, the punishment received by the criminal. Excellent! Thank you!


Unknown member
Apr 22

I’ve said it many times and will continue to say it: I like animals more than I like most people. Well done.


Unknown member
Apr 21

Really great you got revenge for the animals being killed by an idiot. And you probably saved more lives. If anyone gets the chance to save the lives of any animals, do it. Years ago in high school biology class the teacher announced that the class would dissect some frogs the next day. I did not like that, so I hanged around the school when all classes were over and the halls were cleared and asked a janitor to open up the biology room because I forgot my pen. He had the courtesy to not wait but took off, so I scooped the frogs out of the aquarium into a smaller jar. I released them into the school pond and…


Unknown member
Apr 21

What to say ? The whole story really speaks for itself but one fact makes me rejoice : that humans and spiritual practicioners/occultists are not caring only about power and self developement , eventhough of course , everyone is free to choose for himself i personally love to know that you care so deeply and sincerely for animals. They are our fellows and Brothers , in this dimension and in others too . We share a sacred bond that has to be honored and protected.

I met wonderful people in my life but sincerely in many of my roughest moments i passed through , there were no humans but always my home and everywhere around me. They helped a…

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