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Little Gods is a Grimoire dedicated in its entirety to animals and their place in Magick and the Occult Arts. Within this Grimoire, we discuss how to communicate with animals, how to identify your Spirit Animal, how to create your own Animal Avatar, how to perform energy manipulation to various purposes pertaining to animals, what happens to animals after they leave the world of the living, how to use your pet to assist in your Magickal operations, we provide you with a number of Spellwork pertaining specifically to animals and much more.


This tome is a must for any animal owner, as well as people who seek to know and understand the position which animals hold from a spiritual perspective.


Unlike our other written works, the entire Grimoire caters only to animals. As far as our understanding, no other Grimoire of this kind and topic exist – which makes this tome a first!


As with all of our other written works, it is written in an easy-to-understand manner, getting straight to the point – and within, we eliminate misconceptions and misinformation in our typical no-nonsense manner which we have become known for.


You may ask us why the title is “Little Gods” – well, simply put, we regard animals as Little Gods due to their purity of reason, their lack or corruption and ulterior motives as well as the sheer spiritual power and awareness that they all possess, unhindered by the fallacy of (most) humans. They live to their full potential at all times and places, unlike humanity.


When purchasing this Grimoire, in digital or physical format, the proceeds go to the purpose of taking care of various stray, feral and abandoned animals (such as cats, dogs, cattle – various domesticated animals), as well as contributing to the rehabilitation and conservation of a variety of wild animals (such as bats, owls and so forth).

Little Gods - Digital

  • Introduction

    Chapter One:

    • Animals in Magick

    Chapter Two:

    • Animals and their Souls

    Chapter Three:

    • The Blueprint of the Soul
    • The Rosy Cross Method
    • The Kamea Method
    • Kamea of Malkuth
    • Kamea of Earth
    • The Kamea Key
    • Practical Examples

    Chapter Four:

    • Communicating with Animals
    • The Process of Mental Communication
    • Method 1: Energetic Awareness
    • Method 2: Thread Visualization
    • Method 3: Object Link Visualization
    • Method 4: Communing with the Dead
    • A Simple Meditative State
    • Deepening the Meditative State
    • Final Observations

    Chapter Five:

    • Animals and the Afterlife

    Chapter Six:

    • Animals as Familiars
    • The Living Familiar

    Chapter Seven:

    • The Symbolism of Animals
    • The Basis of Symbolism
    • Collective Symbolism and Archetypes    
    • Perception

    Chapter Eight:

    • Animals as Divine Avatars
    • Your Animal Avatar
    • The Signs of the Deities

    Chapter Nine:

    • Identifying Your Spirit Animal

    Chapter Ten:

    • Divination Through Animals

    Chapter Eleven:

    • Energy Manipulation and Animals
    • Sensing Energy and Energy Awareness      
    • Drawing and Projecting Energy
    • Directing Energy
    • Energy Work and Animals

    Chapter Twelve:

    • Animal Effigies
    • To Create an Effigy
    • To Empower an Effigy
    • Seals of Empowerment
    • Using an Effigy

    Chapter Thirteen:

    • Talismans, Sigils, Seals and Spellwork
    • For Health and Healing
    • To Send a Message to a Departed Animal
    • To Persuade a Departed Animal to Move On
    • To Bring Forth Peace and Harmony           
    • To Ensure Loyalty I
    • To Ensure Loyalty II
    • Against Conflict
    • For Emotional Healing
    • A Charm of Blessing and Prosperity I
    • A Charm of Blessing and Prosperity II
    • Magickal Protection I
    • Magickal Protection II
    • Magickal Protection III
    • To Remove Curses, Ailments and Negativity   
    • To Ease and Assist Birth
    • To Bless I
    • To Bless II
    • The Elder Futhark
    • To Return a Lost Animal
    • Working With Elementals/Nature Spirits    
    • To Bind and Unbind All Spirits and Animals 
    • Words of Power for Manifestation
    • To Cure Rashes Afflicting Animals
    • To Heal Sprains Afflicting Animals
    • To Protect Against Wild Animals
    • To Protect Against Animal Attacks
    • To Heal Ailments of the Stomach
    • To Destroy an Enemy Though Their Animals
    • To Destroy an Enemy Through Various Methods
    • To Destroy an Abuser of Animals

    In Closing

    About The Authors