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Updated: Sep 20, 2023

There are a few things that most people want out of life – financial security (and financial freedom), a good consort/husband/wife, to live a long and healthy life, to be recognized…and, although all of these things can be obtained through mundane means, some people approach Magick to assist them instead.

Indeed, Magick can facilitate all of these things and much, much more – including things which are not possible in “normal” or mundane terms…

Do you wish to communicate with the Deceased? Done.

Do you wish to get vengeance upon an enemy? Done.

Do you wish to project your consciousness out of your body? Done.

Do you wish to manipulate energies? Done.

Do you wish to manipulate people? Done.

Do you wish to be cured from that which is deemed “incurable”? Done.

Do you wish to communicate with Spirits and Beings? Done.

Do you wish to communicate with animals? Done.

Do you wish to gain knowledge of things beyond the physical? Done.

All of the above and much, much more can be obtained or facilitated through Magick – as we always like to say, if you can think of something, it can be done via Magick. This statement, although true, tends to be misinterpreted, so we will clarify this a bit…

The question of “validity” comes into play.

All Magick – be it Spellwork, requesting a Spirit or Entity for whatever you seek or whatever else – will always take the easiest route to manifest that which you seek. Why? Because Magick = Energy.

If you want to be able to breathe water like a fish, and you then request an Entity to make you able to breathe water like a fish – one of three things will happen:

1. You will gain an opportunity to go scuba diving.

2. You will be laughed at.

3. You will inexplicably start to believe that you can indeed breathe water like a fish, you will submerge yourself in water and then subsequently drown.

Note that in none of the above, you will actually be able to literally “breathe water”. Then you can argue that with none of the above is the request actually granted, but we beg to differ (and to do so, all you need is experience with various Entities) – in variant 1, the Entity (being rather nice), evaluated the request and situation, weighed and measured what will VALIDLY constitute what you have asked for, and would have settled that scuba diving would be the most lucid version of “breathing underwater”.

In variant 3, the Entity (being rather spiteful and sarcastic) will manipulate you into believing…no, KNOWING that you can breathe underwater and will cause you to drown…”well, technically, you did breathe underwater!”

And in variant 2, the Entity (being neither spiteful nor “nice”) could see your inexperience and gullibility, as it fully understood what you meant, yet, by asking such a thing, you show what a novice you truly are.

In fact, not just “validity” comes into play…but also “discernment”. Magick can do many things that is considered “unnatural”, “miraculous” and so on – indeed – however, you also need to be a bit realistic…or risk causing some “unforeseen” or rather “unwanted” outcomes.

To determine what is “valid” from a Magickal standpoint or perspective, try to think of it from an energetic perspective – in other words, what would be the easiest way for energy to take to manifest your request. We state again – Magick (and thus energy) takes the easiest route, and the route of least resistance, to reach its goal or purpose.

Another factor that joins with the above is the way in which you phrase that which you seek. For this, we will provide you with a good example…and this is one of our favorite examples, as this particular account is not a mere example…it has happened to many practitioners.

If, say, you ask for a large sum of money - and that's all you make in the statement - "bring me a large sum of money" - and you have an insurance policy that constitutes a "large sum of money", then your house may "inexplicably" catch alight and all your possessions lost...yet, you will receive that requested "large sum of money". Phrasing is all. So, as an example - to correct the above statement, instead of simply stating "bring me a large sum of money", it would be better to state "bring me a large sum of money without causing harm to anything which I hold dear." This is a good "rule of thumb" to keep in mind with any Spirit or Entity - some will not conveniently misinterpret your request, yet others the simplest route is taken. Likewise, if no Entity is used…phrasing, intent, is all.

So then, let us summarize all of this with another example – let’s say that you have tried mundane means to lose weight, yet you struggle greatly with this, and have thus turned to Magick. Your goal then would be to lose weight. Now, whether you employ an Entity for this or not, the factors we have mentioned remain – if you simply keep the statement of intent as “let me lose weight fast”…what would be the easiest route for the energies to follow? We can say that usually, the “easiest route” tends to be the most harmful or destructive, as, after all…you are trying to force the matter via Magick. So, if you keep your statement “as is”, then a number of things could happen:

1. Your metabolism could speed up, and messing with your metabolism is never a good idea as it tends to have unwanted side-effects.

2. You may pick up a parasite, such as intestinal worms.

3. You may get a bad case of food poisoning or cholera.

…and so on.

All of the above is, energetically, very simple and easy to manifest, and with any and all of the above, you will “lose weight fast” as you have desired…yet, not quite in a way which would be best for you or in a way you would expect. So, to remedy this, your statement of intent should rather be something along the lines of “let me lose weight fast in a manner which will not do me any harm, physically or otherwise”. Now, this is much better, and so, by adding a few extra “clauses”, you have added some extra directive to the avenues available for the energy to take, and so the manifestation of your desire would be less harmful and more pleasing.

Another thing to keep in mind relates to something that seems unrelated to this particular topic – interpretation. We have discussed this before as it pertains to old Grimoires, but we will quickly mention it here once again.

In many older Grimoires that you are likely to come across, you will encounter a variety of Spells and descriptions of Entities that sound a bit fantastical – as examples, a Talisman that makes you invisible or a Spirit that can open any locks – and although it seems rather unlikely, these Talismans and Spirits do indeed do as these Grimoires proclaim…BUT NOT in a literal manner. The Talisman that causes invisibility will not literally make you invisible – instead, you will still remain completely visible as you are now, yet, you will be less noticeable to others, and thus seem to be invisible. Likewise with the Spirits that can “open any locks” – these Spirits will not literally and physically open any locks, but will instead remove that which hinders or blocks (much like how a lock would hinder you from entering, and an opened lock will allow you freedom).

With this being said, if your stated request is a bit unrealistic, as per the example of being able to breathe underwater, more often than not, it will manifest in a way which represents your request by concept and not in a literal way.

The media is a big culprit with misrepresenting Magick and how things manifest – according to the media, if you take a poppet (“voodoo doll”) of a person and stick pins in it, then the target will writhe in pain immediately, as but one example – yet you can only blame the media up to a point regarding how people perceive Magick and how it works…as people must use their own reasoning, logic, prometheus and discernment before believing the unbelievable. Let us put it in this way: if Magick worked the way it did as depicted in the movies, there would be a lot more people who become wealthy overnight, a lot more famous people, a lot more inexplicable and unnatural deaths…in short, the world would be very different than it is now. Yet, it is not.

We do hope that this post has been enlightening and will assist you in understanding Magick and how things manifest better. We also suggest that you have a look at another of our posts, entitled “Magick and Timeframes” for further reading.


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