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For Nikita…

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 10/12/2016 When you look at yourself and realize that you are completely hollow due to a mentality, lifestyle or series of events - some by choice and others not, you will eventually come to the conclusion that a part of yourself has sputtered and died. It is so very difficult to find the right words to describe this feeling, thus it is useless to even attempt such a venture. The importance of this state of spirituality, is that we need to find out exactly which part has died. If it be in fact a part of the negative ego, then it will reveal itself as a bitterness and self-resentment, due to the fact that the negative ego does not endure a bruised ego well. We are conditioned in life since residing in the womb, then with vibrations sounds and other stimuli. Once we are born into this world of flesh, we are shown what is expected to be seen. After full reasoning is obtained, we are already conditioned and will blindly lead a life according to this imprint. Only a few individuals reach this "quickening" of spiritual awakening and in most cases, this is not due to "divine intervention" but extreme spiritual awareness. Trauma, Near Death Experiences and extreme suffering are but a few vehicles of this transitionary catalyst. We cannot say for certain that each individual will experience the same effects however these are some of the "symptoms" we know of. In all our years of living in this world we have obtained some knowledge and a bit of wisdom, however we cannot claim to know all and see all as this would be pretentious and false. To this very day we are bombarded with "trials and tribulations", sometimes taking one step back and two steps forward, while at other moments it simply feel as if we are not making any progress. This can be very frustrating in our own path of spiritual ascension! At closer inspection we realize that we are progressing in leaps and bounds however painful the process might be. This is simply the path we walk upon, we chose this narrow and thorny road and can see the distant horizon and it beckons us with golden reward. When you tread this path, do so carefully as it is easy to go astray.We do not say this to dissuade your course, only to strengthen your resolve, who ever you are or whatever path you chose, we all find ourselves at crossroads, some find it difficult to choose the right path, while others make their own way. -For Nikita. 2015 - 2016.


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