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Hell and Hades

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 02/28/2017 One thing all belief systems and religions have in common is their ideas or concepts of a "Hell" and / or an Afterlife. The descriptions thereof vary widely, from Asian, Western, Right-Handed systems, Left-Handed systems, Greek, Roman - no two are exactly the same. After we have watched a program concerning what "Hell" and the Afterlife truly is like, we have decided to give our ten cents in this matter. Unlike many sources on this matter - our beliefs concerning life after death is not based on religious bias or quoting historical authors - as our beliefs are solely based upon what we have found in our magickal practices, communicating with Beings related to "Hell" and the Afterlife, communicating with the Dead, tending to the dying and traversing the Infernal and Necromantic Spheres. Now, keep in mind that this is what we personally believe - the only reason why we are writing this, is not to force this upon you the reader - but to prove that there is more than just the usual concepts of fire, ice, water, and brimstone. At the end of the day, only the Dead and the Psychopomps truly know what waits beyond the veil for humans, and those who are Adept Necromancers will know that neither parties easily parts with things of this matter. - - - When one's physical vessel is on the brink of dying, as it sooner or later will be, the "veil" between this world and the next starts to blur. You may see dead relatives, friends and ancestors gathering around you, awaiting you. If you were struggling to hold on to life, this desire starts to subside, and you will experience a strange "numb tiredness". If you have been in great pain, the pain will disappear. All worries and concerns disappear - and you might find your mind "wandering" to trivial thoughts. If, however, you are committing suicide - the strong emotions you probably are experiencing at that point, will remain with you for all eternity, and death will definitely not end your suffering. You will embody that emotion - you will become sorrow, rage, fear, hatred etc, unable to process it or move on. Now, back to dying - there is a big chance that you may see non-human Beings around you soon before dying and after dying. How They appear varies. They are Psychopomps/Agents of Death. The times They appear, is to assist in your "adjustment" to your new existence, to forcefully take you to a certain area, or such. We'll skip out on what you will find and encounter in the lands of the Dead (human and non-human, known and unknown) - but we will explain how it works there, so to speak. In the Afterlife, since you are no longer in the world of the physical, everything is comprised of Ether/Spiritual Matter. Now, (especially if you are well aware of energy and how it works), you can mold and shape the surrounding Ether to your greatest whim - and it will become real. This being said - your beliefs hold a great sway at this point. If you die with preconceived beliefs, they will manifest - whether it is "true" or not. Thus, it is best to eliminate any religious notions long before death to get the truest vision of the lands of the Dead. Also keep in mind that time does not exist here, and that energy is the lifeblood of everything. Many places may exist here - such as Asgard, "Heaven", the Elysian Fields, Hel, Utgard, Styx, Flagathon, Lethe, Sheol, Gehenna etc etc throughout the ages, so many people have invested so much energy in believing such places to exist, that they have unknowingly created these places - not unlike creating a powerful thoughtform or egregore. So, even if you yourself do not personally believe in these places, you will be able to behold them nonetheless. Here your Will is your driving force - you can will yourself to go anywhere in any world, and at most times (with only a few exceptions) you will be there. Now, apart from if you fully believe you will go to a specific place (mostly due to religious beliefs) - there is no particular "place" where you end up - you can choose to remain in the realm of Earth among the living, you can explore the numerous Worlds and Spheres beyond, you can create your own "world" and fill it with whatever you wish - the options are limitless...however with four exceptions: 1) If one does not know one is dead and thus believe that you are alive, you will either remain in the world of the living, or you will unknowingly create your own world where you are still alive. 2) Due to most humans being "herd"-orientated, Spirits of certain nature and temperament will seek each other out and group together. 3) Certain Realms and Worlds cannot be accessed by just any Spirit. More on this below. 4) Your level of Spiritual Power. Now, concerning 3 and 4 - every person and thus Spirit have their own level of Spiritual Power. This is easy to grow and develop when alive, and even though you can grow and develop it after death as well - this is far more difficult. There are certain Realms and Worlds that a Spirit of "average" or "low" Spiritual Power cannot reach or access by any means. To put it simply, the more Spiritual Power you have, the further you can go and the more you can do. There is by itself no place of eternal suffering and punishment you may be sent to by default - except one. This place, regardless of beliefs, is the closest you can get to a true "Hell" - yet far worse. We call it the Abyss. To end up here, you basically have to be killed via magick or die while under a curse. Unlike the "fire and brimstone" and Daemons chopping you up and torturing you - this place is nothingness. Each Spirit within, in their own personal hell - caused by none other but themselves. They are unaware of all the other Spirits around them or even where they truly are - they are trapped within themselves, administering their worst fears and tortures upon themselves for all eternity. One cannot reach them, one cannot assist them, they can never leave. We have seen a vision of this Abyss via One we work closely with - all we will tell you further is that you definitely do not want to end up here. Now, as for living your life giving in to your negative ego - you will definitely not have a very pleasant experience in the Afterlife. Not due to "Hell" or such - but by the other Spirits, Denizens, by your lack of Spiritual Power and by yourself. - - - This is not all we know concerning the Beyond, however this is simply a short and concise piece of some aspects of the matter at hand. Here is a Kamea that will assist you in seeing beyond the Veil. To use it, you must stay awake for three consecutive days, while drinking cocoa. This will loosen the fetters and activate the Theta state of mind. During this three day period, you will draw the glyps within the Kamea allocated to the numbers 1 through 8. Then, you will proceed with 9 onwards, by drawing the glyphs you have used in 1 - 8 in order. With each glyph, you shall state the name of the Realm you wish to see followed by "odo" (Enochian for open) an example "Hades Odo". Then, after the period of three days, sleep. Namaste.


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