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The Necromantic Pantheon

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 01/28/2017 Recently, we have come across a number of books claiming something dreadfully false in the world of Necromancy. True, many books on the subject matter are written from the individual's perception and personal belief, however - we draw the line on certain matters. In particular - a series of books in which the author thereof claims to be Death/Azrael's "soulmate". As soon as we have read this claim, we were shocked that someone can make such a claim and distribute such falseness under the cover of truth, obviously preying on individuals who do not know better. It is obvious to us that this individual is catering to their perverse ego - and treading the most dangerous path imaginable. Many of you may know our love for Necromancy, as well as our knowledge and practical experience regarding it as well - so we felt that some misconceptions on the pantheon of Necromancy and Necromantic Forces must be set straight once and for all - so that people who are truly dedicated to this art will benefit in extent and degree. Please see the diagram in this post for an "illustrated" example of the chain of command.

  • Death

First things first - in relation to our comment in the first paragraph - Death HAS NO SOULMATE. Let us elaborate a small bit on Death Itself in order to have the aspiring and perhaps even the Adept Necromancer understand this magnificent Force better. Many people are under the impression that Death is just the act of dying. Not even close. Death is an actual External Force - holding the power of life and death, destruction and creation...balance. Many names are used for Death in many beliefs and cultures - Azrael, Thanatos, Orcus - however, none knows Death's true name. Death is everywhere, at all times - not just in this world, but all worlds - as Death holds sway over everything in existence. We can assure you that you will not find any Force/Being even close to the power of Celestials, no Daemonic, no Gods, no Deities - as Death rules over all. Death is the original "Chaos". So, you would imagine that such a powerful Force would demand worship, correct? Not in the least. In our opinion - Death is the only Force in existence that deserves and is worth great praise and worship...however, Death cares not for worship - and as a fact, actually dislikes it greatly. We strongly advise against it. It is extremely difficult to describe Death, as even we find it impossible to describe it wholly. All that we know of Death, is out of personal experience - which is unlike anything you ever have or will experience if you are fortunate enough to make contact. This doesn't mean that you have to be part of a "secret club" in order to contact Death - no. Simply put, Death weighs and measures you - your pasts, present, and futures - and Death alone decides whom to communicate with and who not. Death knows all, sees all and hears all. So, after all this - knowing that Death is self-contained, knowing the power - do you seriously think Death has a soul-mate...a human one at that? Do the math.

  • Agents of Death

Agents of Death, Psychopomps, Reapers, Liminal Beings, Chtonic Beings etc are all in referral to the same "species" of Beings which we will refer to as Agents of Death. These Beings can be seen as the "assistants of Death" - the "middlemen" so to speak. However, do not underestimate Them at all, as it will be a dire mistake! They too are of the most powerful Forces/Beings you will encounter in your path. They do just about anything - protect the Dead, "feed" the Dead, "herd" the Dead, assist in all practices of Necromancy, banish and remove the Dead, initiation into Necromancy, teaching, guiding...too many things to even mention - basically, you think it - they can do it. If you wish to work with a Spirit of the Dead, it is wise to have an Agent of Death oversee it all - however, you do not have to work with the Dead in order to work with the Agents, as you can work with Them directly. The only Force governing the Agents of Death, is of course Death. Their power is immense and are well-known to consume those not of Necromantic nature, hence keeping Them separate from the rest. They are easier to work with than most, however They can be very strict. In many cases of individuals saying that they have seen Death Itself, they have seen an Agent of Death no one can see Death's true visage. Examples of these Agents are Hekate, Hades, Hel, Santa Muerte, Kali, Shiva, Baron Samedi, Carrefour, Centella Ndoki and many more. Some Agents of Death were once human, however through Their actions in life, They were elevated to become as They are now.

  • The Collective Dead

These are all the Spirits of the Dead since the dawn of time - regardless of nature, personality and level of power. The Dead by Themselves is a force to be reckoned with. Although finding a single Spirit of extreme power which will work for you is very rare - imagine hundreds upon thousands of the Dead...the power adds up. The Dead are unendingly ravenous - this means they will feed off of any energy They come across, however some might only feed on certain energies such as fear, hate etc. They have the power to keep on feeding on, say, an individual until said individual dies - and that's not where their power ends. Believe it or not - 99.9% of all cases of true possession, it is a human Spirit doing the possession - the main reason for this is because They wish to live again, however They also do this to punish an individual (for example dabbling). The only reason why the Roman Catholic Church has stopped performing exorcisms, is due to the lack of success rate - instead of trying to exorcise the Dead, they try to exorcise a Daemonic can see the problem, however - due to their beliefs (that only Daemons possess) they will never admit this. Regardless, the Dead will be as They were living - if you try to work with a Spirit who, while living, was a devout Christian - you will waste your time. Some of the Dead are easier to contact than others, as the Dead can - and do - ascend...and some of the Dead are generally easier to work with than others. If you are a Neophyte for example, we will not recommend you trying to summon, say...the Spirit of a powerful Practitioner...this is begging for trouble. - - - So now you have a basic overview of the Necromantic Pantheon - Death governs the Agents of Death and the Dead and the Agents of Death answers to Death and governs the collective Dead. Keep in mind that this is a small write-up on this topic and we did not mention everything concerning Death, the Agents and the Dead. If you want to know more, get our book "The Gospel of The Ghouls" or take a course from us. Namaste!


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