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The One Known as Adramelech

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 02/24/2017 De Plancy claims that Adramelech holds the rank of president of the demons' senate and is chancellor of Hell. He also pointed out that Adramelech is also the supervisor of Satan's wardrobe...where do people find this nonsense! Any Deity or Intelligence which is said to be a "Sun-God" is the most powerful in Their pantheon. And Adramelech is just that: A Sun God. He shares His rank with Beings such as Shamash, Ra and so on. Remember reader, that all the so-called Demons/Daemons were once recognized as Gods in the ancient world, until more popular religions arose - especially Monotheism, then these Gods became "gods" and finally "Demons". Adramelech forms a "Infernal" Trinity together with Moloch and Melek-Taus. Adramelech is also closely linked with Azazel - Who we will give more info on later. In the ancient world burnt offerings were given in any form, but later unwanted infants such as deformed or terminal babies were burned as living sacrifices. This is an ancient practice of devotion and faith - and resulted in prosperity, fortune and fertility for the parents. De Plancy's depiction of Adramelech is obviously incorrect. He can appear in any way, shape and form to the Conjurer. Adramelech can be worked with concerning matters of fertility, empowering Talismans, Seals etc. He is the Initiator of Magickal Paths as well as new ventures. It is better not to request His wrath upon an enemy, as He may be difficult to convince if you are not " justified" in such a request. He will assist in glamour spells as well as deception. Adramelech is more likely a King and has many thousand of legions under His command. His Enochian Enn: "Ge Adramelech, Moloch, Melek-Taus, Niss- Zacar! Prege! Niss Zacar-Emna! Ozazm Brox!"


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