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Updated: Sep 20, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 02/12/2017 While browsing through the seeming insidious pages of the "Demonic Bible" it's a familiar reflection however more like a dull mirrored image of other Religious paradigms. The difference between this author and others is that this self proclaimed "Anti-Christ" has actually lived his life and writes from practical experience. What we respect about individuals such as this is the simple fact that they have discovered through the immolation of ignorance, that this thing man calls "Religion" is nothing more than a ruse. A poor construct shared by the feeble of intellect. Many wise men and women throughout history where labeled as Heretics, for their "outlandish" beliefs, philosophies and insight. Even though these individuals had Spiritual beliefs, to this very day they are known as Atheists - conveniently enough, they are not amongst the living to contest this accusation. It is easy to judge and detest that which contests conformity, but harder still to accept the contra-mundane. Fortunately, the 21st century has sprouted products of evolution. Both in the Metaphysical field and the Sciences. But the Occultist has not embraced the potential of the Occult Science. For as long as this continues, there will always be misguided individuals that ingests the putrid yoke of mental coagulation. What some fail to see, is that Magick is a mere reflection of human evolution. The same can be observed with poetry, art, cinematics etc. Will man-kind ever reach the heights of "heaven" and ascend beyond the reach of the Gods? No, we do not believe so, simply because humanity has become comfortable with their stagnant and bad habits - well, they are so hard to break. If a few does ascend, then it will only be a few. In each generation of all the world's population, only one Legion will spiritually ascend (regardless of their means). This will only be through conscious effort. Through all the material written by the few, from the beginning of man's literacy, what excuses can man find...No, they will be pointing at something else as a scapegoat. It is not our concern if humanity ascends or not, sooner or later our bones will be dust and will be in a place you can never reach. Your sole concern should be what do we know that you don't? We can write numerous books on the subject of Spirituality and Magick, but it means nothing if the individual cannot grasp the true message. Perhaps it's some spiritual-genetic flaw that blinds humanity's spiritual senses, but none the less we can understand why the "Fallen Angels" refused to bow to mankind...imagine if there is truth to this mythos? Humanity is an animal by nature, however an animal without the resources of fang and claw. So what did nature give man to remedy this seeming flaw? Man was granted higher intellectual capacity, forethought and reasoning. The real difference between animal and man is simply instinct vs flawed reasoning or as the Greeks refer to as "Depravatos". Prometheus is more than just forethought, it's actually spiritual insight. Prometheus of Greek myth gave fire to man. This fire is obviously "forethought". In many other cultures this is represented as fire, flame or torch. In Germanic tradition Sowulo or Sig is another representation thereof, and let's not forget the two Ravens, Huginn and Muninn directly linked to Odin. Very few people know that the two Ravens with Odin forms a Divine Trinity. One is not greater than the other - as the Ravens take flight from his shoulders and this brings relief albeit temporary, for they shall return to burden Him once more with the weight of wisdom. We will end this post with these final words: "Knowledge can be bought cheaply, but wisdom can never be sold" Many Dark Blessings, Namaste.


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