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The Celestial Maidens are cosmic energy currents which ensures a desired outcome in the physical/mundane world. Presented in the form of a Talisman, they contain images and characters to direct the cosmic energy they are linked to, to their specific purpose or function, acting like a mirror which reflect a beam to achieve a goal.


These Talismans are based on the ancient Taoist tradition of Talismanic Magick, yet we have fortified it to make it even more potent and practical.


By purchasing this, we will create a completely unique and personalised Celestial Maiden Talisman, so rest assured, each will be one of a kind and completely tailor-made per person.


For this, we will require the full name of the person that the Talisman is for, ie who will use it/the owner. Also make note that this is valid for one individual.


You may read the details of each of the Celestial Maidens under "Maiden Details". If you are unsure which Celestial Maiden will suit you, please reach out to us and we will advise.

Celestial Maiden Talisman

  • Jade Maiden: This Celestial Maiden Talisman establishes a strong link between you and the "heaven" character, infusing your being with that which is divine and celestial.

    Azure Maiden: This Celestial Maiden Talisman grants you spiritual clarity and strengthens your spiritual senses. Grants the blessing o the Azure Heavens.

    Vermilion Maiden: This Celestial Maiden Talisman will remove obstacles and opposition from your life, just like the phoenix scorches away all negativity and restraints.

    Golden Maiden: This Celestial Maiden Talisman grants you prosperity, a golden sunrise and a golden other words, a blessed new beginning and a satisfying conclusion to your physical/mundane endeavours.

    Winter Maiden: This Celestial Maiden Talisman hinders and binds all enemies and opposition with a deep, icy, Winter's embrace while ensuring that you have a cozy bed and a warm hearth in the coldest of other words that you will remain safe and unharmed.

    Cherry-Blossom Maiden: This Celestial Maiden Talisman grants friendships, secure family relationships, grants suitable matrimony partners, kindles love, ensures lovers and passion.