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The Spiritual Perception Training series is a series of coursework in the form of individual booklets which focus solely and completely upon the various aspects of your spiritual senses and their development. This series is a first in the world of the Occult and Metaphysics, as this series delves deeply into the various subjects contained within - describing each topic in detail and instructing you how to successfully apply the contents. The entire series is also completely paradigm-neutral and novice-friendly, meaning that anyone from any path or paradigm with any level of experience can successfully practice and apply all of the materials presented within this course series.


Although geared towards those who seek to develop their spiritual senses, the contents of any of these course booklets will serve the adept as well, by furthering their deeper understanding of the spiritual and spiritual senses in general.


All of the booklets in this series are presented in our typical no-nonsense and concise manner...delving straight into the heart of each topic.


In this second instalment of this series, the purpose is to learn how to open yourself up (and keep yourself open) to spiritual communication – in other words, how to open yourself up to various Entities for the purpose of communication. Within this course, you will learn a few simple methods of thought control, how to enter a simple meditative state, and how to enter and maintain a state of receptivity and so on. In short – this course will cover the basics about what we call “mental communication”.

You will be provided with a pdf download consisting of the content for you to follow. We will be available for questions on the work, and guidance during your process - but take note that this course does not carry a lifetime time-frame as with our apprenticeship other words, we will assist you to successfully understand and apply the content of the provided pdf, but we will not teach you the other aspects thereof...only clarify on the contents of this pdf and no further.

Spiritual Perception Training - Opening Yourself Up to Spiritual Communication

  • Purchasing this will allow you access to the PDF via download.