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“Daimon” is a book devoted to the heavily overlooked and misunderstood topic of the personal Daimon/Daemon of each individual. This book will shed much-needed light on this powerful tool at your disposal, eliminating misconceptions and misinformation along the way as the authors are known for. The content will also be geared towards the practical application of the content presented within.


This modest book is intended as an authoritative manuscript on the matter at hand, written in such a manner that anyone with any level of skill and experience, practicing any paradigm can successfully apply and benefit from. This book will also greatly assist the individual who strives for spiritual empowerment and ascension.


Please note that this book does not pertain to your “personal Demon” as presented in certain Left-Handed paradigms.

Daimon - Digital

  • Foreword  

    Chapter One:

    • The Daimon Defined  
    • The Power of the Self 
    • The Difference Between Daimons and Thoughtforms
    • Daimons and Demons 
    • Kako and Agatho 
    • The Name and Appearance of Daimons            
    • The Daimon’s Influence 
    • Your Shadow

    Chapter Two:

    • Summoning Your Daimon   

    Chapter Three:

    • Achieving Communication    
    • Mental Communication 
    • Using a Pendulum
    • Automatic Writing

    Chapter Four:

    • Working With Your Daimon 

    In Closing 

    About The Authors