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This is a digital collection of all our digital (ebook) courses all bundled together in one product for your convenience (and also for a little discount). This includes:


  • The Universal Evocation Course
  • Developing Your Will Course
  • Building Relationships With Entities Course
  • Understanding Planetary Squares Course
  • Successful Spirit Communication Course
  • Successful Spellwork Course


You will be provided with a .zip folder containing the pdfs of each of the courses. We will be available for questions on the work, and guidance during your process - but take note that this course does not carry a lifetime time-frame as with our apprenticeship other words, we will assist you to successfully understand and apply the content of each provided pdf, but we will not teach you the other aspects thereof...only clarify on the contents of the pdfs and no further.


Please note once again that it will be provided in .zip format - if you are on a phone or tablet, there are plenty of .zip extractors on the App Store such as ZArchiver, WinZip, RAR and Files by Google - simply do a search. If you are on desktop or laptop, you can extract it with ease.

Digital Course Compendium

  • These courses are only available in English.