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Purchasing this service will enable us to place a Guardian over you directly, serving to protect you against spiritual attack and unwanted spiritual insurgency (such as parasites etc). For any specific requests, such as protection against physical harm, please contact us directly before purchasing.


The Guardian may be a well-known Entity or Intelligence, or we may select one for you that may be more arcane or "lesser-known" - however, make no mistake, the efficacy of the Guardian placed will not be lesser or dimished, regardless of anything.


If you have any paradigm-preference (such as Infernal, Celestial, Planetary, Necromantic, Elemental and so on), you are free to inform us, and we will then attach a Guardian to you based on the paradigm-preference you have.


The placed Guardian will be complimentary unto your personal nature and will never conflict with your nature in the least. You do not need to actively work or communciate with it (as Guardians tend to be more "action" oriented than not) however, you will need to maintain it - usually by way of providing simple and occasional offerings - which we will instruct you upon.


We will provide you with the name of your Guardian, its channeled seal, how it appeared to us and if it will assist you in other ways (except serving as a Guardian). We will also provide you with a generic ritual of Evocation which you may make use of to call it forth, as well as instruct you on how to present offerings to it, and what offerings can be used.

For this, we will require your full name, birth date and photo which you can send us via email.

Guardian Placement Service