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One of our most popular services, our Identifying Spirit Allies Service is designed to help you identify beings, entities and spirits that can be considered allies to you. With the Identifying Spirit Allies Service, you'll learn how to communicate with your spirit allies, how these spirits may be of service to you and how to get them to work with you. The Identifying Spirit Allies Service will also inform you what you can do with these spirits, what needs do these particular spirits have (if anything specific) and why exactly are these spirits working for you (if they choose to make it known). By taking the Identifying Spirit Allies Service, all these questions will get answered and there are additional bonuses that come with it!


Note that this service can be taken time and time again - as, when such an open channel is created, many spirits tend to make themselves known - more than what we will list for you.


This service is original to us at Araignee Arcane Services. Whereas most similar services provide you with a random list of "spirit guides," our spirit ally identification service will tell you who your actual allies are so you can develop relationships with them for your highest spiritual good.


Since this service is similar to another service - our Identifying Working Entity service, we will list the differences below:


With the Identifying Spirit Allies service - the Spirits are not attached/linked to you and we do not link them to you either. We essentially just have them make themselves known to you (through us). They can also be either known and documented, or unknown and previously undocumented. Here you can request for a certain path or paradigm to adhere to, however, not what the Spirits specialize in. With the Identifying Working Entity service, we identify the Entity and link it to you directly. With these, we focus mainly on those which are not previously documented. Here you can request for a certain path/paradigm and also what it should be able to do or specialize in. With this service, the Spirits/Entities identified will also serve as what we refer to as "Working Spirits" other words, Spirits that will work under you directly for whatever payment. Whereas with the Identifying Spirit Allies service, not all of them may make good Working Spirits - as amongst their ranks there may be Deities etc as well. Also, with the Identifying Spirit Allies service, you will receive the details of more than one Spirit, yet with the Identifying Working Entity service, you will only receive the details of one, however, this Spirit will definitely be a Working Spirit, and capable.

For this, we will require your full name, birth date and photo which you can send us via email.

Identifying Spirit Allies Service