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The Book of God (Liber Dei) is a Divine Tome with strictly Occult practical applications. In this most sacred tome we will instruct you upon how to unlock your inner god. We have accumulated thousands upon thousands of years of sacred and mystic knowledge, then we transmuted those sacred teachings to become a magnificent and supremely powerful path of godhood. You will not only be instructed upon unlocking your inner god, but also how to sustain that part of yourself via a very particular set of Mudras and Mantras we have personally created.


Liber Dei is not some new age book on light and love, no, nor is it a pseudo eastern mystic system in which meditation and vegetarian diets hold the sacred key to godhood! We are well known for our no-nonsense approach within the Occult and Magickal currents, so we discarded with all the useless mystical trash and religious pomp and re-invented the divine path of godhood within this sacred text.


Any person irrelevant of their path in life or their Occult/Magick paradigm, irrelevant of their level of spiritual development or Occult experience can easily follow our instructions and work with this sacred system. This is not a book on moral dichotomy, or false concepts on what is divine. Some may consider this book to be “dark” however, those blinded by misconception has yet to be illuminated.


There are no complicated rites, rituals or tools needed to practice what is written herein, you will only require yourself and of course the tome…it is honestly that simple. Liber Dei forms part of our own personal Magnum Opus: The Path of Hexagrammaton through which we also published another tome: the Hexagrammaton. Anyone who is interested in tremendous spiritual power and in awakening their inner god, should feel hard-pressed to miss out on this wellspring of knowledge and Divine know-how.


Make no mistake: everything written in this book does not relate to the “external”, so where we make use of the terms “God”, “Goddess” etc - it all relates to you. This book is about unlocking the inner god - not about some external forces or beings.

Liber Dei - Digital

  • Foreword

    Chapter One:

    • The Magnetism of the Gods 

    Chapter Two:

    • The Principality and Power of the Gods

    Chapter Three:

    • The Infamous Weapons of the Gods 

     Chapter Four:

    • The Sacrificial Rites of the Gods 

    Chapter Five:

    • The Realm of the Beast 

    Chapter Six:

    • The Occult Connection 

    Chapter Seven:

    • Of Serpents and Scorpions  
    • Serpents
    • Scorpions
    • Confronting Sorrow
    • The Illusion of the Broken Heart       
    • When a Loved One “Dies”
    • Confronting Anger 
    • Divine Anger 
    • Compulsive Anger 
    • Confronting Anxiety
    • Divine Detachment Meditation      

    Chapter Eight:

    • Unmasking the Enemy

    Chapter Nine:

    • The Great Continuum  

    Chapter Ten:

    • The Falsehood of Moral Dichotomy        

    Chapter Eleven:

    • Deus Ex Machina 
    • The “Ego Sum” Conundrum
    • The Numina-Mana Mantra and Mudra
    • Part One 
    • The Memnusa
    • The Meyosama
    • The Sayoma  
    • The Vavameh 
    • The Vahmesa-Shakti   
    • The Ayudhapurusha-Tridevaya    
    • The Adi-Shakti of Divine  Cosmic Fire  
    • The Adi-Shakti of Agni also known as the Astra-Agni  
    • The Numina-Mana Astra Mantra and Mudra
    • Part Two 
    • The Asur-Astra
    • The Ghoradevi-Astra    
    • The Ra-Astra 
    • The Kavacha-Astra 
    • The Nulaka-Astra  
    • The Devi-Astra
    • The Uru-Astra 
    • The She-Yao-Astra 
    • How to Apply the Numina-Mana Mudra and Mantra
    • Part Three
    • Insights on the Numina-Mana Mantra  
    • Insights on the Numina-Mana Mudra  

    Chapter Twelve:

    • The Masculine and Feminine Divine       

    Chapter Thirteen:

    • The Adi-Shakti of the Inner God 

    Chapter Fourteen:

    • The Divine Serpent 
    • The Cosmic Fire Serpent Meditation    

    Chapter Fifteen:

    • Final Observations on the Fallible Human Condition 
    • The Profane and their Futile Pursuit Of God

    In Closing    

    About the Authors