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“Magick Without Tears” is a series of digital content created by Baron and Baronessa Araignee from Araignee Arcane Services that serve as simple instructions on various Rituals and Spellwork from various paths and paradigms to supplement your own practices with.


All content is presented faithfully in the authors’ typical and much-loved no-nonsense manner, being clear and to the point without unneeded pomp or flourish. Each booklet within this series will present an instructional Ritual or Spell – some created by the authors themselves, others historical and others still a mixture of both, especially in the cases where the original Rituals have not been


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The Japanese culture is rich with a variety of different Spirits and Entities - many of which are greatly misunderstood or misdocumented. The Spirit we will present to you within this booklet is no exception - the Zashiki-Warashi.


The Zashiki-Warashi can be regarded as a Spirit of Good Fortune and commonly resides within homes, granting the inhabitants great fortune, prosperity, success and more - in exchange for offerings.


Within this booklet, we instruct you on how you can obtain a Zashiki-Warashi Spirit, inviting it to inhabit your home, bringing you good fortune and prosperity. We present you with some details regarding the Zashiki-Warashi, how to work with it, how to establish a good relationship with it, how to maintain your relationship with it and, of course, we provide you with a Ritual through which you can bring one forth.


We refer to this as a "booklet" as it only contains some details on the Spirit itself and instructions - nothing more, nothing less - so thus it does not suffice the term of being a "book", but rather a modest little booklet.


This booklet forms one of many to come.


All of the booklets within this series of "Magick Without Tears" are exclusively digital.

Magick Without Tears: Obtaining a Zashiki-Warashi

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