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In this course we will explain to you what spiritual communication is, what it entails, what makes it so different from “mundane” communication, how to open yourself up to spiritual currents for the purpose of communication…and of course, we will present you with a few methods on initiating communication. This is by no means an exhaustive compendium on the subject, however, this will serve as a primer, an excellent starting point for your development, so that, by the end of this course, you will at the very least be able to have a lucid conversation with whatever you so choose.


You will be provided with a pdf download consisting of 26 modest, but powerful pages of content for you to follow. We will be available for questions on the work, and guidance during your process - but take note that this course does not carry a lifetime time-frame as with our apprenticeship other words, we will assist you to successfully understand and apply spirit communication as per the content of the provided pdf, but we will not teach you the other aspects thereof...only clarify on the contents of this pdf and no further.


Successful Spirit Communication Course

  • This course is only available in English.