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It should be well-known by every Occultist – be you an aspiring Occultist or an experienced one, that the realms of the worlds beyond are vast, truly vast. Within some these innumerable realms and places, reside some of the most feared Entities known to mankind…Demons. It is a common mistake that people make, thinking that the only Demons or Entities that are in existence are previously-documented and found in old Grimoires and religious texts – in truth, these are not the most ancient, nor the most powerful Demons in existence…and some are mere Archetypes.


We seek to change this. We seek to educate the true seekers of the Dark and introduce to you not the ordinary, but the extraordinary.


One of our most-anticipated Grimoires of the year 2023, we proudly present to you The Book of Dead Names Volume I.


This Grimoire is the first of a long series of Grimoires dedicated entirely to that which is Demonic, that which is truly ancient and that which is solely and entirely of the darker currents. The focus of this Grimoire is none other than the many Denizens of Dis (as we refer to them) – Demons of Darkness, of the Void, of Disorder, of the Shadows, of the Wilderness, of Seduction, of Devouring and of Desolation. We have traversed each of these “sub-realms” and have gathered a number of their vast ranks to document and to present - with far greater numbers to come in future volumes.


The Demons that appear within this Grimoire have never-before been documented, and you will not only obtain their details, but also their characters and channelled seals. We have also included a simple Ritual of Evocation from our notorious Sibilant Lexicon to use with any and all of these eldritch serpents as well as opening a portal from their worlds to ours.


These Demons are not just ancient, but extremely insidious and powerful – specialists in their fields. We communed with each and every one of them listed within and weighed and measured their worth, just as they weighed and measured ours.


Make no mistake – this Grimoire is not for the dabbler or the weak of Will – as within this tome, you will encounter true Demons…things of nightmares, yet, indispensable tools for any practitioner and teachers beyond equal. None of the Denizens listed within this tome are Thoughtforms, Constructs, Egregores or Archetypes.


We desire to make you aware of the sheer vastness and sheer number of the Denizens of Dis and their individuality and prowess – you will never seek out “lesser” Demons again.


All of those documented within have submitted themselves willingly and have not been bound or coerced in any way – they wish to be known.


This tome will be an indispensable concord in your arsenal and an absolute potent companion in your practices.




The physical editions have a Special version.


Kindly note that this book is not to be purchased by dabblers, children or this book will kill you if you abuse it.

The Book of Dead Names Volume I - Digital

  • Foreword  

    Chapter One: Animarum Mortuorum 

    Chapter Two: Spiritualis Essentia

    Chapter Three: Clavis Ad Demones Mortuos

    Chapter Four: Demonum Sigilla 

    Chapter Five: The Ritual of Calling

    Chapter Six: The Denizens of Dis 

    In Closing 

    About the Authors                

     (Note - Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 have a few sub-chapters.