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This is a book of self work, where you rely solely upon yourself and your own abilities. In this book, we debunk some popular myths concerning the Occult, we teach you how to work with your Higher Self and Shadow and much more! Complete with meditations and instructions - this book is a must for any person wanting to strengthen their own metaphysical abilities as well as influence people and events by using their own hidden faculties. This is a book on the subconscious and how to wield the powers thereof.

The Etheric Keys

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  • Introduction     

    Chapter 1: Through the Looking Glass 

    Chapter 2: Down the Rabbit Hole

    Chapter 3: The Higher Self and The Shadow

    Chapter 4: The Universal Mind  

    Chapter 5: Cutting Corners

    Chapter 6: The Mental Craft

    Chapter 7: The Hatter’s Party   

    Final Words

    About the Authors