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Since the beginning, man has walked within the Shadow of Death's Despair - holding their torches aloft to keep the baying Black Hounds at bay....


We proudly present to you "The Gospel Of The Ghouls" - The Arcane Necromantic Bible.


Within this book lies the keys of Necromancy. You will learn how to work with the "Agents of Death". Command legions of Shades. How to tie Them to Fetishes. Necromantic Sorcery. Necromantic Pathworking and much much more. We will present to you practical information, never seen before. Everything in this Grimoire is very easy to comprehend, digest and apply.


This is not just "another book" on Necromancy, but one of our personal Grimoires in which some of our guarded secrets will be made available for your consideration.


All the Rites and Rituals can be used by all paradigms and beliefs. The Simples and ingredients are easy to procure - so trivial, even a child can use it successfully - making the knowledge within this book very dangerous indeed. In this book you will have multiple choices on how to perform rites and make use of certain items. We believe that the Necromancer should have as many options available to him/her at any given time, after all - every individual is unique.


There are no Mental Constructs or Archetypes listed in our book - we work only with the most Notorious and Powerful Forces of Death, known and unknown to Adept and Neophytes alike. These Beings are Ancient and all powerful, and will initiate the Necromancer - teaching him/her directly the secrets of the Black Grave, The Crypt and the Crossroads.


For the first time we will reveal to you, some information sacred to our Order: "The Black Serpents." As mentioned, this book is designed for all practitioners of Necromancy. This includes: Western Tradition, Diasporic, African, Hindu etc etc.



"So, this is a review of the book called The Gospel Of The Ghouls, written by Baron and Baronessa Araignee.

Before we continue in this, I should probably share a fair warning here. This book is truly a book about necromancy, with all its positives and negatives. Don't expect to light a black candle and become an instant necromancer. Another piece of fair warning I am going to give you is that this isn't a book for a weak stomach. If you are an animal loving neo pagan or a follower of a “dark path of fluffy E. A. Curling”, this book isn't for you. After all, the book itself says: “Remember, a life for a life, never more, never less.” Very last piece of advice from me: This isn't something you could just try and then throw into the corner, necromancy requires a full dedication. You have been warned.


Necromancy is a great paradigm, granting superb powers to the practitioner who isn't scared of few sacrifices (the pun intended). Remember that if you play with matches, you get burned, and if you play with Death… Fortunately this book gives a very good explanation about how to do things right, which is very rare in this field. You will learn how to gain your personal spirit guide in the form of the Agent of Death, you will learn how to make altars for deceased, how to work with these spirits, what's the difference between a dead spirit and a shade, how to make your own shrunken heads and many, many more.


The structure of the book is amazing. Practical part always comes with a basic explanation of the ritual and what can be achieved with it and only after that you get a detailed explanation of each part of the rite, that's a great safety mechanism for eager readers who start the ritual on one page and become horrified after turning the next one. I should also state this book is also great for the reasons of history study. The traditional African practices are very well preserved in this book, but also together with some Aztec and Indian practices, including the infamous darker aspects of a real tantra, and many, many more." - Frater Akenu


"Araignee sent me a copy of their book to review.

Before I talk about the book I want to make it clear that while I'm very set in my ways and how I do things that does not mean I can't see or appreciate the methods utilized by others even if they may not be how I personally would do them.


The book is written very clearly and in plain english, no word salad and no fishing out the dictionary every other sentence to sound sophisticsted. It is a sign that one understands the subject matter when one can easily explain what they are doing without trying to make things seem overly complicated. This is in my best description a chaos magicians book of necromancy as we see the influences of ceremonial magic, ATR, Hindu and Oriental methodologies. They have complied quite a list of spirits that someone should be able to find one they feel comfotable working with, this catalogue ranges from Carholic saints and the Hellenic pantheon to spirits of the Orisha and Oriental pantheons. They have some methods for spiritual vessels I found quite interesting and had parallels with other methods I'm aware of, they also included the necessary formulas or recipes for the incense amd oils needed to use their system as well as magic squares for nearly every spirit they listed in the book.


While a good portion of the book utilizes blood and animal sacrifice there are also other methods listed utilizing more visuslization/astral techniques to work the spirits listed.


I would not recommend this book for the beginner as the nature of necromancy itself is dangerous but one who has the basics of cleansing and banishing should be fine with starting out with the introductory techniques and then progressing forward as they master them.


I can say that Araignee have a solid effort into this book and have supplied the reader with a work that can be progressed from. As always especially when dealing with necromancy and the spirits that pertain to it the responsibility to the magician working the material to do their due diligence and divination when working with any new material.


Thanks again to Araignee for giving me an advanced copy of their work and allowing me to review it." - The Wandering Fool

The Gospel of The Ghouls - Digital