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After many delays, our Magnum Opus has finally been released! We swore to move both heaven and hell to present this book to you, and that is exactly what we have done.


The Hexagrammaton is our magnum opus, our Great Work, wherein lies the secrets of our path and the secrets to become a Spiritual Titan! Some of you might have heard of the "become a living god" campaign - if you think this book will be anything like that - you are dead wrong.


Within this book you will find the secrets of ultimate spiritual power that has been hidden in codexes and have been known by only a few throughout the ages - known, but not spoken about openly...until now.


The Hexagrammaton cannot be classified under the usual umbrella terms - it is neither Left-Handed nor Right-Handed, it is Spiritual Alchemy, Hermetics, Gnostic, Stoic - however, still none of the above - as who can put such labels on a work such as this? The content of this book is not simply from us only, no - as we reveal the messages from all those that came before us.


We do not claim that only this book will give you the power you are destined to have - no, as this is only one path of many. Any person, regardless of magickal practice, religion or lack thereof can easily practice and apply what is written in The Hexagrammaton - be you adept or neophyte. The book is also divided into two sections - which you may consider as steps on a ladder or two sides of a coin.


- - -


What is The Hexagrammaton?


How many reading this piece have questioned his or her own spirituality? Yes, this includes religion, the afterlife, personal beliefs thereof, or a lack of belief thereon?

We know we have...


Have you questioned the structure of magick? Have you wondered how and why it works? Do you really want magick to work for you? We are not referring to the cinematic "hocus pocus" magick, but the true raw energy that shapes the macro- and microcosm.


How many books are written on the subject of magick that grant promise of "power" and spiritual prowess? How many of these books take away the individual's birthright of raw power and attribute it instead to a Spirit or Daemon? What is left for the individual's own spiritual growth and power? Nothing!


We say: ENOUGH!


No longer will you need to supplicate those Spirits and powers. No longer will you marvel at their arcane might. No longer will you be a slave to misconceptions!


YOU - yes, YOU can take the power of a Titan and create your own reality through Will. We will teach you...


Remember, the Hexagrammaton is not simply a book, it is our own personal paradigm. We have helped countless of clients as well as ourselves by using this tome.


We decree by our own divine law and will that this is not the Age of Satan, Lucifer or any other external construct...this is the age of the Titan! Mankind rules this world and governs their own destiny! No god/dess will subjugate their will upon the crown of humanity! You are the creator, the destroyer and all is subject under your Will according to your Will.


Take the power which is rightfully yours and drown the ignorant deep with the golden light of Prometheus!


The Hexagrammaton is the panacea of magick! But don't let us convince you...


You will discover the truth behind countless misconceptions. What exactly is this thing called a soul? How to project your Will and almost instantly manifest desire. Shaping and molding energy to create change. Transmuting your soul, yes - changing your actual being into something much better and much more powerful!


These points above are just some of the principalities we will teach you within this great work. Make no mistake, it is extremely powerful and we guarantee that it will change your life forever.


If you decide to purchase the Hexagrammaton, you will not only receive a wealth of knowledge and power, but our support. We will be available online to answer ANY question you may have on the subject matter. You won't need an appointment, simply contact us.


We have also released a course on this tome.

The Hexagrammaton - Digital

  • Book One

    Hear the Words!    

    Introduction to Book One     

    The Lucifer Codex 

    The Left Hand of Satan

    Heaven and Hell    

    The Soul 

    The Intelligence of Gods

    Religious and Occult Paradigms

    The Master Seal    

    Evoking Various Intelligences

    Invoking Various Intelligences

    The Glamour of Spells

    Prima Materia

    The Bardo Initiation

    Spiritual Alchemy  

    The Hieros Gamos Cipher

    Divining on Divinity 

    The Principles of Titans

    The Blazing Quadrants

    The Laws of the Universal Firnament

    On Spiritual Ascension

    The Magi's Glyphs

    Book Two

    Introduction to Book Two     

    The Hellmouth

    The Demonic Rites of Descent

    The Three-Folded Barb

    The Seven Spheres of the Black Sun

    The Seven-fold Emanations of Infernal Hexagrammaton

    Baphomet of the Left-Handed Emanation

    The Twenty-One Emanations of The Seven Spheres

    Red Sulfur

    The Ancient Sages 

    Projection of the Conscious Mind

    Building Spiritual Power


    The Exorcism Prime

    Further Reading and Glossary

    On Closing

    About the Authors