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This is a short book on why magick sometimes seem to "fail". It is a handbook every practitioner should have - be you adept or it will shed some light as to why a spell/working of yours has "failed". We were inspired to write this book by the one thing all practitioners dread and sadly, have in common somewhere during their path to ascention. It is a short book as it is written in a clear, lucid and direct way...getting straight to the points.




"This nice little booklet contains a lot of common sense and wisdom regarding the performance of magic. I'd say it's an especially handy companion for absolute beginners of the arts, but it offers a lot to the more experienced reader as well.


This could be a real eye-opener to those who dive into practicing magic without having a clue what they're actually doing. As the authors say, not anything goes or is appropriate for any system or way of practice, but The Stars Are Not Right does provide some great general rules, and the reader can proceed from there, adapting according to their own insights.


There's lots of practical advice, and encouragement to the reader to do their own research and ask themselves questions about what is they exactly wish to accomplish, and how. Short as the book may be, it contains vital information on what spellwork is all about, and the topics covered are in my point of view, essential. I can and do highly recommend it!"

The Stars Are Not Right

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  • Prologue  

    Planetary and Cardinal Influences

    Ritual Preparation     

    False Information

    Spirits, Entities, Gods and Goddesses 

    Emotional and Mental Well-Being

    Level of Personal Growth and Experience   

    Will and Intent  

    Wants and Needs

    Letting Go 

    Reasonable Timeframes     

    Malicious Afflictions  



    About the Authors