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Have you ever thought about creating your own Thoughtforms, Servitors, Mental Constructs or Egregores - yet, you did not know how to do so? Do you want to embrace your own power of spiritual creation and create one, ten, or even an unlimited amount of Thoughtforms to assist you in your spiritual practices and desires? Look no further - as this course is for you.


Thoughtform creation is one of the highly overlooked aspects of the Occult Arts - especially in contemporary times. Although literature on the subject may exist, it is generally sparse, vague or misleading. The topic of Thoughtforms is one that we personally regard in a very strict manner, as when creating a Thoughtform, you create a new life born from your own hand and design…this must not be taken lightly. Thoughtforms can be simple creatures, fulfilling only a simple task - or they can become as powerful as Deities (and in fact, many Deities are Thoughtforms).


In this course, we will teach you how to create Thoughtforms - starting at basic constructs, and advancing unto more powerful and multi-talented constructs. We will teach you the proper way to do so, as well as how to instruct them, communicate with them, how to add onto their capabilities, how to evolve them, and much more. At the end of this course, you will have the knowledge at your disposal to create entire pantheons of Beings which will be loyal unto you and you alone.


Once you have paid the amount, the apprentice course is valid for as long as you wish to be our student on the requested course. It does not matter if you are a student for only a month, a year, ten years or even longer...there is no extra costs involved nor any hidden costs.


Each course will be tailor-made for each individual's level of skill at that point in time and will be sent through email correspondence. We will be available via email to instruct and answer questions on the matter.


Since no two courses are exactly the same in presentation (since no two people have the same level of experience, paths or paradigms they follow etc) and are tailor-made to each individual, once you have made the purchase, we will contact you with a few initial questions to determine your current level of experience, your current understanding on the subject matter, your current path/paradigm (if any) and so on, and from there on, we shall commence with the lessons.


Take note that the structure of the courses are as follows, regardless if they are short courses or not:

  • After we have received your answers to the intial questions, we will send you your first lesson. Each lesson is comprised of theoretical and practical aspects.
  • You go through your first lesson and perform the practical aspect. If you have any questions on the lesson, you may ask us at any time.
  • After you have reviewed your first lesson, you send us a report on your progress - each lesson will contain a few questions to determine if you understand what has been presented.
  • Once we have reviewed your answers/feedback and have established that you are ready to move on to the next lesson, we will send you your next lesson. if not, we will further instruct and advise so that you will understand what has been presented in the lesson before moving on to the next lesson.
  • The above process repeats itself.

Thoughtform/Egregore Creation Course