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African Bone casting is a traditional form of divination that is practiced in many African cultures. It involves the use of bones, shells, or other objects that are cast or thrown onto a mat or surface, and the way they land and their arrangement is interpreted to provide insight into a person's life and future.


Each bone or object used in African Bone casting has a specific meaning, and the interpretation of the cast bones depends on the specific cultural tradition being followed. The bones may represent aspects of the person's life such as their health, wealth, or relationships, or they may be associated with spiritual beings, ancestors, or gods.


African Bone casting is a deeply spiritual practice that is steeped in tradition and history, and it is considered a way of connecting with the ancestors, the gods, and the spiritual realm. The practice is still widely used today in many African communities, and it is a cherished part of the cultural heritage of the people who use it.


It's important to note that African Bone casting is not a means of predicting the future with absolute certainty. Instead, it is seen as a tool for introspection and self-discovery that provides a new perspective and can help the person receiving the reading make their own decisions.


After payment is made - we will require:


  • The full names of all parties involved.

  • The birth dates of all parties involved (if possible).

  • Photos of all parties involved (where applicable).

  • The question.


Please note that one divination is valid for one question only. If you seek answers to multiple questions, you need to purchase multiple divinations. Once payment is made and the requested details are received, we will perform your selected divination with 48 hours and inform you on the outcome.

Traditional African Bone Casting