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In this course we will teach you on how to properly empower and make use of Planetary Squares/Kamea as well as other Magick Squares. We will also discuss making sigils by using these Squares and also further uses thereof. If you follow the lessons to the letter, and truly dedicate yourself to this, as with our other courses, you will excel and in no time would be able to perform a host of tasks which may seem impossible to you now.


You will be provided with a pdf download consisting of 37 modest, but powerful pages of content for you to follow. We will be available for questions on the work, and guidance during your process - but take note that this course does not carry a lifetime time-frame as with our apprenticeship other words, we will assist you to successfully understand the creation and use of Planetary Squares as per the content of the provided pdf, but we will not teach you the other aspects thereof...only clarify on the contents of this pdf and no further.


Understanding Planetary Squares Course

  • This course is only available in English.