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The Void Divination (formerly known as our Trance Divination) is our personal specialty and our own go-to form of divination where we enter a trance-like state and either channel a certain Being, communicate directly with Beings for the purpose of divination or where we commune directly with a person's being. During this state, we can also view and identify any spiritual attachments (such as parasites) and various factors regarding the individual and the individual's spiritual health and state.

We also make use of this method to look closer at the person's microcosm to determine any hindering factors or to determine the best outcome for a situation. We can perform this over individuals, locations etc.

After payment is made - we will require:


  • The full names of all parties involved.

  • The birthdates of all parties involved (if possible).

  • Photos of all parties involved (where applicable).

  • The question.


Please note that one divination is valid for one question only. If you seek answers to multiple questions, you need to purchase multiple divinations. Once payment is made and the requested details are received, we will perform your selected divination with 48 hours and inform you on the outcome.

Void Divination