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Spiritual Development, Apathy and Selfwork

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

As some of you may know, our latest endeavor in our personal path and practice is centralized on energy and mental projection. With both of these “sub-categories” in the vast list of Occult practices we have a good, solid, working understanding of them – but in all honesty, we were so focused on other avenues that we entirely neglected the most prominent aspect of Magick (which is energy) and an extremely useful tool with unlimited applications (which is mental projection). We will spare you the frustration and the “we-have-no-words-for-the-fact-that-we-should've-known-better” situation that spurred us on to this new leg of our personal journey.

The fact is that on the path of spiritual growth and ascension there are so many things that can seem more important that what it actually is, and paired with the classic ailment of overthinking, this can lead you to come to a spiritual standstill – until, of course, you actually look at yourself and notice what a fool you have been!

Nonetheless, we were well aware how vast the concept of energy is, however, what awaited us absolutely blew our minds and reminded us, once again for the umpteenth time, that we know nothing.

When we delve into a practice or aspect, we immerse ourselves in extent and degree – and, because of our experience to date, we dive head-first without any regrets or reservations (which, by the way, is a terrible idea if you do not know what you are doing or getting yourself into and as such is not recommended for novices, so don’t get any ideas). Everything that we have studied over the years, everything that we have learned and gained and everything that we have mastered have led up to this one moment, this final frontier of energy and projection…and the outcome thus far is absolutely mind-blowing and for the first time in years we are looking upon Magick and the Occult Arts through the eyes of a child – full of awe and wonder, without a hint of bitterness or apathy (which we have been suffering from for some time). Questions are answered (and still being answered), new methods and applications are presenting themselves…the implications and applications are fucking astounding.

We can hear you all say “but then tell us what you have found, what you can do!” Sorry to disappoint you, but we are not egotistical braggarts, listing what we can and cannot do as if we were writing a resume. What we can say is sitting here, right now, we can do so much more than what we could a few months ago, and that this is only the beginning, as we have only scraped the surface.

The point of this blog post is not to thump our chests and feel good about ourselves and our achievements – no. The point here is that regardless of your own personal path or paradigm – PERSIST. When you become jaded or apathetic and think that you have reached a dead end – approach it from a different angle and look at it anew – revisit the basics of Magick, the basics of your path or paradigm, the basics of yourself – as we can assure you that even though you think you have turned over every spiritual rock, that you most definitely have not.

Another point we would like to make is more a caution than a point – something which came to light in our recent exploits which we will explain in a moment…instead of looking infinitely outward, look infinitely inward.

This is a simple mistake to make, and one which no one, regardless of path or paradigm is exempt from. It is easy to look outwards for answers, for spiritual power, for knowledge, for methods of manifestation – so easy, in fact, that you completely overlook the most important factor of all: you. Without you, then the path you are following does not exist as its existence depends on you. Even if you follow a path which many others also follow – everyone else is irrelevant: YOU are following that path so that path exists because of YOU in your own microcosm. Whatever you seek – knowledge, power, whatever – if you yourself are not mentally and emotionally ready and capable of sustaining that which you seek, you will NEVER get what you seek.

We can admit that we are extremely guilty in focusing on the spiritual only throughout the years…however, in so doing, we have neglected our emotional and mental selves and because of this great imbalance, we have essentially stunted our own progress, as even our spiritual development halted because our own selves were not able to grasp or sustain that which we were doing or seeking. Spiritually we were giants, but emotionally and mentally we were stunted…which caused the spiritual aspect to mean absolutely nothing at all.

You will notice that we say “were” and not “are” – we still have a lot of self-work to do before we are where we want to be in a mental and emotional sense – however, since we noticed our mistake and have started to rectify it with pure self-work, we are already feeling the effects and reaping the rewards.

Everything that you are composed of – the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional – must be in sync with each other. If the one is neglected, then the others will only develop so far and no further and will cease to develop beyond a certain point. The spiritual may rule all, but while you are amongst the living, you cannot and must not neglect the rest of you, as it would be a mistake to think that the spiritual is the answer to all and that it will somehow carry everything else.

If you have traumas, past or otherwise – don’t run from it, face it (and yourself) and deal with it. If you have negativity within you, a low self-image or self-doubt – face it and deal with it. Do not neglect yourself and do not overlook or avoid something which you secretly know needs to be dealt with. Until the day you can look at yourself, really look at yourself, weigh and measure yourself and can honestly say that you are happy with yourself and that you are how you want to be – work on yourself, work with yourself, because at the end of the day, if there is an aspect of yourself that is wanting, then the whole of you will be wanting.


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