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The Mao-Tao Talisman

For those of you who know us, it is no secret that we cherish and love all animals of this earth. Those who walk, fly, swim - those who are known and those who are unknown - all creatures hold a very special place within our hearts. However, as proud guardians of quite a large number of cats, we can admit that we adore cats especially.

As a gift to all those who feel as we do about animals, and who might have some cats of their own, we have personally created a Talisman dedicated to the happiness, safety and well-being of these whiskered bringers of wisdom and joy.

This Talisman, as mentioned, has been created by us personally and serve as both a blessing and protective amulet to your feline companions. We have drawn inspiration from the Taoist tradition for its creation. We have dubbed it the Mao-Tao Talisman (yes, all puns intended).

This Mao-Tao Talisman brings forth, secures and blesses cats with health, strength, happiness, peace, joy, safety, contentment, good fortune and bliss.

The Mao-Tao Talisman (right click to download)

There are many ways that you can use this Talisman, some of which we will mention in a moment, however, the most important part is its empowerment. It has already been imbued and sealed with the energies intended, however, if you wish to do so once again, you may follow the instructions pertaining to empowerment that we have provided in one of our books, such as in The White Lotus Scroll, The Hexagrammaton, or Magus Volume II.

As for standard empowerment, simply print it out, write the name or names of the cats you seek to affect with this Talisman upon the body of the cat on the image of the Talisman, fumigate it with some appropriate incense, form the Witch's Condenser with your hands (image below), blow through the triangle created by your hands onto the Talisman and place a drop of your blood upon the head of the cat or upon each cat's name you have written. If you do not have any names for the cats involved, write a description instead, or give them names.

The Witch's Condenser

To deploy this Talisman, after empowered as above, place it somewhere where your cats frequent, or make four of these Talismans and place within the four corners of your home (which will protect a whole household of cats, or a single cat). You can make as many of these Talismans as you wish. You can also become creative with the deployment - placing it in their beds, burning the Talisman and smudging your cats with it, mixing the ashes into their food etc.

You can remake the Talisman from time-to-time, burning the old one(s).

Take note that we do offer free Energetic Cleansing/Healing sessions for animals (not just cats) and if you want Talismans for other animals as well, please do let us know and we will provide them for free.

If you are interested in learning more about animals in Magick and the Occult Arts in a practical manner, we have written a Grimoire dedicated to this purpose: Little Gods.

You are welcome (and encouraged) to share this as you see fit, however, give credit where it is due.


All of our writings, including our blog posts, are copyrighted to us (Rheiner and Vanessa Le Roux under the pseudonyms of Baron and Baronessa Araignee) and our business Araignee Arcane Services. Our writings are original and not copied content.

If you like any of our posts and would like to share them, feel free to do so by selecting one of the sharing options below. If you would like one of our blog posts to be on your website or blog (and for us to be guest bloggers) simply reach out to us via email.

Plagiarism is an extremely damaging and annoying thing – and by plagiarizing our work (or another’s) you are not just stealing – you are damaging your own name, as things like this always come to light. Don’t be a typical human.


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