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Energy, Cleansings and the Dead

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

When many people think of “energy”, they think that there is a limited number of energy-types, and furthermore, that energy is mostly sensed much like how you would sense, say, the heat from a summer’s day upon your skin or a cold breeze – in other words, by your sense of “touch”. For anyone who has delved into Energy or Energy-based work before (especially in combination with Mental Projection) – what we are about to state will be no surprise to you at all…

Energy is one of those topics that is vastly undocumented – not because of the fact that it is physically imperceptible (more on that shortly) – but rather that it itself is so vast. You will hear us say things like “positive” energy or “negative” energy in videos and our books, however, these two terms are broad strokes...very broad. In truth, there are more kinds of energy than you can even imagine, and this goes far beyond the scope of “positive” and “negative”…we only use those terms to be able to explain matters better. To illustrate the vastness of the different kinds of energy, think of a beach – any beach – and think of the sand on the beach. Imagine all those little grains of sand – a lot, is it not? Now, think of all of the beaches in the world and the sand it contains – thinking of every little grain of sand. Think that’s it? Now, multiply that amount with the number of stars in the universe…and that is still not all the different kinds of energies that exist.

To put it in a more relatable manner – you have an energy that is completely unique to you. All of your thoughts and emotions have their own energy, commingled with your personal energy. Your house has its own energy, and that energy is commingled with your energy (as you live there) and your energy is commingled with the energy of the house – which in turn creates another separate energy. Every living thing in your house has its own unique energy, and their thoughts and emotions also have their own energy. Every inanimate object in your house has its own energy, and also carries the energetic imprints that link it to you, your house, and so on. Now, apply this modest bit of information to anything and everything you can think of – and we’re not even going to speak of energy that is not related to the living!

Do you understand how vast energy can be?

Now, when you sense energy, you do not use your physical senses (although it can have a physical effect on you) – you use your spiritual senses…and as such, energy is not just limited to how it “feels”, but it also (frequently) incorporates your other spiritual senses as well, which can translate into seeming-physical phenomena – an energy can exhibit a “taste”, a “sound”, a “texture”, an “appearance” and so on as well. This tends to be a bit overwhelming if you are not quite accustomed to it, and this might even completely bewilder and confuse someone who has no idea what they are experiencing. As a few personal examples – we have encountered a mass of energy that looked like a swarm of black dots and even “buzzed”…negative residual energy tends to be a blackish, viscous mass that grows upon itself and sticks to everything it comes into contact with…we have encountered an energy that “tasted yellow”…we can give you so many examples of different energies and how they appeared as, but that’s not the point. You see, in physical terms, many of these energies and how they appear etc is literally impossible – you cannot “taste” the color yellow as an example, as that is two separate senses – but spiritually, the rules of the physical no longer apply – senses can overlap and manifest into each other and so on. This is a good time to mention that we do not use narcotics, psychedelics etc, nor have we ever.

The nice and convenient thing here is that how the energy manifests itself as tells you what the nature of the energy is – we have written about this in Liber Clavium and other works of ours, so we will not go too deeply into it here – but, in short, if an energy makes you feel uncomfortable, chances are that that energy is either negative in its nature, or it conflicts with your own energy…and so on.

Further than this, some people think that Energetic Cleansings can only be done upon the living – however, this is not the case. The living has energy, and so do the Dead. Remember, everything has energy and is affected by energy – nothing is exempt from this.

In our line of work, and especially with some of our new services, you will note that we do not describe the energies found in detail, and that we simply name it for what it it/was (stagnation, negativity etc) – and by reading this post, hopefully you can understand why. If we had to tell someone that the energy that surrounded them was akin to nails scratching skin off of your eyes and it tasted like sand, we will sound absolutely insane – however, that is what the energy manifested itself as. So, instead of looking mentally unstable, we would merely state that the energy that they suffered under was of anxiety, fear and so on…and so far we have always been right, with our clients experiencing a great relief afterwards.

To learn more about energy, we welcome you to have a look at our Hexagrammaton series of books, which include Liber Dei, Liber Clavium, The Hexagrammaton and a number of others. Also, as some of you may know, we are busy working on a Magnum Opus of Energy – however, don’t get too excited about that as of yet, it is still in the making and (as you can hopefully now understand) is very difficult to write.


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Unknown member
Jun 06, 2023

What an interesting subject, even for those of us who have already traveled a certain path.

Because each energy ritual, be it cleaning, liberation and/or awareness, polishes our energy footprint to the point where our energy compass changes considerably.

And what we previously considered attractive energy manifestations we now prefer to avoid.

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