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It is no secret that we personally promote and value spiritual development, spiritual empowerment and the Path of Godhood above all else - not just because it is the path which we follow, but because it is a path that will benefit absolutely anyone - regardless of background, preferences or experience. Although not an easy path to follow, it is by far the path that provides you with the most rewards, as what reward is greater than devleoping yourself to become beyond the need of anything else but yourself and your own abilities?


This is a digital collection of our written works which pertains directly to your spiritual growth, development and ascension...dubbed the Hexagrammaton Collection. Make no mistake, spiritual empowerment is the panacea of Magick, the Magnum Opus of any Mage. These books have been bundled together in one product for your convenience (and also for a bit of a discount, as we promote spiritual ascension and empowerment above all other practices). This includes:


The Hexagrammaton

Liber Dei

Liber Clavium

The Etheric Keys

The Stars Are Not Right

Little Gods


Magus Volumes 1 & 2

The Hexagrammaton Collection - Digital

  • Purchasing this will allow you access to the digital editions of all of the mentioned books in PDF format contained within a .zip folder.