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Everything is energy and Magick is the direction, programming, manipulation etc thereof. The body is highly dependent on the soul/spirit of the individual and requires it to live - however, the soul/spirit (which is the actual self) does not require the body to exist. Some physical, emotional and mental afflictions have a root cause in the spiritual…and what affects the spirit, affects the body in turn.


The purpose of this service is to attune you to an energy of your choice, and to cause that energy to course through you. This service can be extremely beneficial to you and your practices - regardless of what path or paradigm you follow - as it will greatly increase your resonance with those energies involved and thus give your practices a great and potent boost. We simply link you to your chosen energy, and then report to you on the process as well as instruct you on simple ways you can focus and draw upon that energy you will be linked to.


Warning: if you may not be aware, not all energies are beneficial to you, and some (although they might accentuate your path/practice) will have negative side-effects when you are directly linked to it. If you request to be linked to a specific energy which will not be beneficial to you, we will warn you about this - however if you still persist and still wish to be linked to that energy after all warnings, we will still do it for you, however, we will not be held responsible for whatever negative side-effects may manifest within you and within your life.


Please note that this service will only pertain to linking you to ONE energy/current type per session. If you seek more than one, then you need to purchase more than one of this service.


For this, we will require the details of the individual involved, such as their full name, birth date and photo. We do not need to be physically present at all, as energy transcends space, “time” and distance.


By purchasing this service, you will get one session upon the same individual.


Once purchased, we will also schedule a specific time which we will perform the requested cleansing which will accommodate both the patient and us alike. You will not be required to do anything specific during this time, however once we schedule the session with you, we will provide you with some details informing you on the process as well as what to expect etc.


If you have any questions about this service or process, please contact us.

Energetic Attunement to Specific Energy