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This service was initially offered via quotation and is similar to what has been included with the Special Edition of The Book of Dead Names - through which it has become extremely popular and sought-after. because of the popularity of this service, we have decided to create a product specifically dedicated to this - the Identifying Working Entity Service.


As you are hopefully already aware of, the realms of the Spiritual are vast beyond measure or comprehension - each containing an extremely great amount of various Spirits, Entities and Intelligences. It is a fact that, of all the Entities known and documented, that an even greater amount remains unknown - and these "unknown" Entities are by far the most potent and interesting to work with.


Purchasing this service will enable us to delve deeply into these realms, seeking for an Entity suiting your purpose that is willing to work for you as a "Working Spirit"...linking it to you directly and instructing you on how to work with it.


If you have any paradigm-preference or energy-preference (such as Infernal, Celestial, Planetary, Necromantic, Elemental and so on), you are free to inform us, and we will then find an Entity based on the paradigm-preference you have. If you have any requirements of what the Entity must be able to do, inform us of this as well, otherwise, we will simply find one that wants to work with you...a "lucky packet draw" if you will.


Although we will link the Entity to you directly, you will still need to work with it to whatever purpose you desire - communicate with it, build a relationhip with it and so on. We are, essentially, serving as the "match-makers" between you and it. Any instructions you may have for it, you are to relay yourself to the Entity etc.


We will provide you with the name of the Entity, its channeled seal, how it appeared to us and what it specialises in. We will also provide you with a generic ritual of Evocation which you may make use of to call it forth, as well as instruct you on any further details.


Since this service is similar to another service - our Identifying Spirit Allies service, we will list the differences below:


With the Identifying Spirit Allies service - the Spirits are not attached/linked to you and we do not link them to you either. We essentially just have them make themselves known to you (through us). They can also be either known and documented, or unknown and previously undocumented. Here you can request for a certain path or paradigm to adhere to, however, not what the Spirits specialize in. With the Identifying Working Entity service, we identify the Entity and link it to you directly. With these, we focus mainly on those which are not previously documented. Here you can request for a certain path/paradigm and also what it should be able to do or specialize in. With this service, the Spirits/Entities identified will also serve as what we refer to as "Working Spirits" other words, Spirits that will work under you directly for whatever payment. Whereas with the Identifying Spirit Allies service, not all of them may make good Working Spirits - as amongst their ranks there may be Deities etc as well. Also, with the Identifying Spirit Allies service, you will receive the details of more than one Spirit, yet with the Identifying Working Entity service, you will only receive the details of one, however, this Spirit will definitely be a Working Spirit, and capable.

For this, we will require your full name, birth date and photo which you can send us via email.


Note that you will only be provided with one Entity. If you desire more, purchase more of this service or contact us directly.

Identifying Working Entity Service