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The Gospel of the Ghouls Volume II continues where the first volume left off – expanding and adding unto that which was presented in its predecessor. In this great tome, amongst many other topics, you will discover the ancient realms of the Dead, revive Necromantic Entities through arcane rites and adjuration and more.


Herein, we also introduce non-human Dead which have haunted the living since the beginning of time. You will also gain access to the Atris Lexicon – this is a magickal language with its roots buried deeply within Necromancy. All Entities and Spirits within will have their sigils and seals, together with their own unique evocation.


We will also touch upon the subjects of the very moment of death, reanimation as well as many other archaic topics.


The first volume has, since its release many years ago, been praised as one of the best practical Grimoires of Necromancy…so writing this second volume has been no simple task, since its predecessor was already complete in and of itself.


We present to you this material as we always do, in the same manner that we have become known for: in a no-nonsense practical practice of Magick. All that we present is easy and simple to follow and apply by anyone.


Thank you for your consideration and patronage. Tu Rex Mortis.

The Gospel of The Ghouls Volume II - Digital

  • Prologue

    Chapter One:

    • Azrael Rex Mortis     

    Chapter Two:

    • The Initiation of Ordo Atris
    • The Phylacteries
    • The Initiation Rite     
    • The Ceremonial Ritual of Grand Necromancy 

    Chapter Three:

    • The Altar of Judgement     

    Chapter Four:

    • The Primer of Preparation 
    • Strengthening the Soul
    • To Glamour the Aura 
    • Wards Etheric   
    • Strengthening the Being    

    Chapter Five:

    • The Demon Within The Spirit     

    Chapter Six:

    • The Four Demonic Realms of Tuhl
    • The Shadow Realm    
    • The Void Realm 
    • The Realm of Darkness
    • The Hidden Realm     
    • The Monstruum Sub-Realm 
    • The Chimaera Sub-Realm   
    • The Praedatorium Sub-Realm    

    Chapter Seven:

    • Demonic Entities Residing in the Twilight Realms of Tuhl     

    Chapter Eight:

    • The Three Benevolent Realms of Valashi              
    • Le Cygne
    • Anima Sola
    • Fleur De Lys     

    Chapter Nine:

    • Eshu De Capa Preta  

    Chapter Ten:

    • Met Kalfu

    Chapter Eleven:

    • Strength in Numbers 
    • Erzulie Ke Nwe  
    • Ti-Jean Petro    
    • Matrese Diable  

    Chapter Twelve:

    • Evoking Hermes-Cthonos   
    • Formulation of Adjuration  

    Chapter Thirteen:

    • Babi The Devourer    

    Chapter Fourteen:

    • The House of Araignee
    • Maitre Baron Zariguin
    • Mystere Araignee
    • Ti-Zariguin
    • Toile-d'Araignee

    Chapter Fifteen:

    • Baron Kriminel

    Chapter Sixteen:

    • Baron Royale: The Collective Baron-Ghuedeh           

    Chapter Seventeen:

    • Siete Rayos

    Chapter Eighteen:

    • Zarabanda

    Chapter Nineteen:

    • Tiembla Tierra  

    Chapter Twenty:

    • The Loyal Familiar Spirits of Necromancy   
    • The Helpful Benevolent Spirits of the Dead       
    • The Helpful Malevolent Spirits of the Dead    
    • The Helpful Non-Human Malicious Spirits of the Dead

    Chapter Twenty-One:

    • The Exaltation or Retrograde of the Heavenly Bodies upon the Souls of the Dead
    • The Governing Planets & Days of the Agents of Death Listed Within

    Chapter Twenty-Two:

    • Vampiric Transmutation     
    • The Rite of Akkharu-Constrain   
    • The Great Curse of Chains and Darkness  

    Chapter Twenty-Three:

    • The Great Circle of Necromancy 

    Chapter Twenty-Four:

    • Reanimation of the Corpse 
    • The Circle of the Operation of Reanimation    

    Chapter Twenty-Five:

    • Necromantic Rituals, Spells and Incantations           
    • Adjuration and Constraint of a Rebellious or Disobedient Spirit in Hellenistic Traditions   
    • The Song of the Restless Spirit  
    • Words of Power to Bring About Change      
    • Words to Discharge/Dismiss the Good or Bad Spirit     
    • More Words to Discharge/Dismiss the Good or Bad Spirit    
    • To Drive Away or Expel an Evil Spirit         
    • The Evocation of the Gates of the Dead in Egyptian Traditions   
    • Names of Amon, The Hidden One
    • Words of Authority Spoken Over Any Spirit for their Compliance 
    • To Have a Spirit in a Glass or Mirror            
    • The Kabbalistic Cross with Adaptation to Azrael Rex Mortis
    • The Spirit of Etheric Resonance 
    • Universal Word of Power    
    • To Dominate an Enemy
    • To Attract Love 
    • For Health and Healing
    • The Watchful Eye of Anath/Atargatis        
    • A Spell to Break Spells

    Chapter Twenty-Six:

    • The Atris Lexicon Chapter


    • The Iconography and Symbolism Within 
    • Necromancy Briefly Explained    
    • The Serpent
    • The Coffin or Casket 
    • The Tombstone 
    • The Strong-Points     
    • The Cardinals   
    • The In-Between-Points
    • Further Significant Symbols

    Chapter Twenty-Eight:

    • The Principality and Power of the Di Inferi         

    Chapter Twenty-Nine:

    • The Head-Spirit/Godhead  

    Chapter Thirty:

    • Various Considerations
    • The Conjunction of Azrael  
    • Chthonic Communication  
    • Circles and Seals
    • Burning Energy
    • Names Hold Power    
    • Spiritual Obsession   
    • Separating the Chaff from the Wheat         

    In Closing 

    About the Authors