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Everything is energy and Magick is the direction, programming, manipulation etc thereof. The body is highly dependent on the soul/spirit of the individual and requires it to live - however, the soul/spirit (which is the actual self) does not require the body to exist. Some physical, emotional and mental afflictions have a root cause in the spiritual…and what affects the spirit, affects the body in turn.


The purpose of this service is to remove any lesser negative spiritual attachments that you may have. Many people accrue a lot of needless spiritual attachments, and at times, due to a variety of reasons, many of the spiritual attachments you may have to various Entities, Spirits, Deities and so on that you may have worked with (or still work with) is not beneficial to you at all and instead has a negative, oppressive or parasitical effect on you instead. With this, we examine you as well as your etheric/energetic body and look at the spiritual attachments that you have. If you practice Magick and have worked with Spirits and Intelligences, then you will have attachments - know this. We then go through the attachments and see which of them are of a negative, parasitical, malevolent etc nature which does not serve your best interests, and we remove them from you. They will not be able to reattach, unless you expressly invite them to do so. We also take note of them. We then report to you on the attachments found, insights we may have regarding them and we will instruct you on simple ways on how to prevent such afflictions in the future.


Please note that this service will only pertain to the removal of LESSER spiritual attachments and not spiritual afflictions or blockages. For these requirements, please see the other Energetic services that we offer. The removal of any lesser spiritual attachments is also part of our Energetic Cleansing/Healing service. If greater spiritual attachments are identified, or if you seek the removal of greater spiritual attachments as well - a personalised quote will be needed, so please contact us.


For this, we will require the details of the patient, such as their full name, birth date and photo. We do not need to be physically present at all, as energy transcends space, “time” and distance.


By purchasing this service, you will get one session upon the same patient. If more is required, we will advise you. Each purchase only counts for one patient.


Once purchased, we will also schedule a specific time which we will perform the requested cleansing which will accommodate both the patient and us alike. You will not be required to do anything specific during this time, however once we schedule the session with you, we will provide you with some details informing you on the process as well as what to expect etc.


If you have any questions about this service or process, please contact us.

Removal of Lesser Spiritual Attachments